H-E-B is a company that understands its consumers. For us Texas folks, H-E-B is our family store. Since 1905, H-E-B has taken care of our community. As a customer of 10 years, I have watched H-E-B dedicate their services where needed. 

Life has a way of showing us that things can change in the blink of an eye. It can create unwanted chaos and unexpected happiness. It can change everything that we hold dear to our hearts. Life can show us what we have subconsciously taken for granted and how we can improve ourselves. 

Across the world, life has thrown a complex change to all of our daily habits and routines. Life has shown us all that it is ours to live so live it the best you see fit. Some aspects may be out of your control. How we choose to respond to life is up to us. I love how H-E-B has helped us to feel in control.   

Here Everything’s Better… I love this quote. Although the company has changed its name over the years, it is still in the People business.

Something that I have noticed over the years, is the customer service that gleams from the H-E-B Partners is one that companies should seek to emulate. When the initial onset of panic began, H-E-B’s Partners were working long hours and servicing customers at a rapid pace.  Being in the service industry, I wanted to soak in how their Partners were responding to the change of pace in their stores. As I shopped amongst the crowd one day, I observed customers grabbing what they considered necessities for their families. I saw the H-E-B Partners remain composed, calm, and courteous. 

Because of the dedication that H-E-B has dedicated to the community, “We” wanted to say Thank you!

Thank you, H-E-B…for being a company that is kind and compassionate towards your customers. We won’t forget the time you took to ensure that your customers were safe and for creating a space where we can come to find the items we deem important for our families. We are most thankful for you offering curbside and home deliveries. Thank you for providing gloves and masks for your team to keep them safe and protected.

We appreciate the efforts that your team has created to ensure your customers receive faster delivery of their groceries. Your service to #texanshelpingtexans and delivering meals to those essential workers on the front lines do not go unnoticed. 

Words cannot express how grateful we are for the time that you have input into training your teams to pay attention to detail and to giving us substitutions as needed. It means a lot to the community that you helped shoppers maintain social distancing and only allowing so many people in the store at once. Thank you for providing sanitizing wipes each day to wipe our carts. Yes, you were the organization that did this even before the pandemic but we still appreciate you doing so today. 

We are most grateful that you consider the needs of your teams and of those who shop at your stores. After the suggestion of an H-E-B customer, you implemented a plan for the senior community. This shows that you take notice of your customer’s concerns and give them a voice. 

As a community, we are excited that H-E-B is giving our 2020 Graduates a “Texas-sized graduation!” Our high school and college students are grateful that you want to help them celebrate such a milestone in their lives. 

Thank you, H-E-B for waking up each day and putting on your armor of bravery to face keeping the community supplied with food, beverages, and more. Our community is grateful for all that you have done over the years and all that you continue to do to provide for us.

Below are just a small part of the community that wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you! 

From our Community: 

“I had to take my daughter in the grocery store once since the shelter -in-home started, she’s 4, and I explained what was going to be different inside H-E-B  (masks, gloves, not being able to touch anything or try our beloved samples). She asked no high fives??? I sadly said no, but an employee overheard us and said ‘we can do air high fives’ and showed her how to do it made my heart happy and she laughed about it all day.
Becky Rodriguez 

“Thank you for the fruit snacks!”  -Alana, 11

“Thank you to all the stockers and personal shoppers at HEB! We’ve been using curbside throughout the quarantine, and not only have they been doing their jobs well, but all of them have done so with a cheerful, friendly, helpful attitude! LOVE my HEB!”
The Markert Family – Georgetown

“With having asthmatics in the household, plus a newborn, your curbside services throughout the COVID pandemic have been invaluable to me. I am so appreciative of all the hard work from HEB employees to fill my orders to the best of their abilities. Not only that, but customer service anytime I have had to call has been above and beyond.”
Melissa Jackson Matias 

 “Thank you for getting all of our food.” -Colton Matias, age 7

“Thank you for your smiles, your bravery, your service, and your love. We feel it at the door, on the aisles, and in your curbside delivery. We appreciate you!”
The Anders Family

“We have long depended on HEB for our family needs. Thank you, HEB, for having the best employees, caring attitudes & management that makes your stores work well for us when we need it the most!”
-Pat Schipper 

Dear HEB employees and staff, thank you so much for your selfless service to your communities. We pray that you and your families remain safe and well. We are grateful for all of you.
-The Corral’s, Belton, TX

“Dear HEB- thank you for having my bread and always asking if I want buddy bucks!”
Jake, age 6

“We would love to thank our local H-E-B for protecting its customers and making it so much easier during this crazy pandemic. We appreciate you and thank you!”
-The Grove Family

“Thank you, HEB for all you are doing for the community during this significantly difficult time. With lines of customers and a few shortages of items, your staff and associates in the stores are always friendly and helpful. Your partnership with Favor to assist with deliveries to seniors is wonderful and needed!”
-Sun Connor 

“Thank you, HEB for providing food. Otherwise, I’d be starving!” Dana, 17

Patrice was born and raised a Georgia Peach, and thanks to her military service in the U.S. Air Force, she has lived in several states. Patrice is a Grantham University graduate student, holding her Bachelor’s in Business and her M.B.A. She is the wife of Daniel and mom to Dana and Alana. Passionate about her family and running the family business with Daniel, she is always looking to learn something new. Writing, traveling, and dancing is just a shortlist of her hobbies. You'll often catch her with her head in a book, enjoying all of the local Tex-Mex restaurants and exploring Austin’s most beautiful hiking spots.


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