We all know that May is the month that we all celebrate Memorial Day, but did you know that May is also National Military Appreciation Month, Armed Forces Day and Military Spouse Day?

Military Appreciation MonthThis is a chance for us to show military service members who are serving and have served. We also celebrate their families on how much we appreciate them and the sacrifices that they’ve made. There are some things that you can do to show your support throughout the year. Consider these tips and encourage your friends and family members to do the same to make this month as special as possible. Here are some ways you can take action.

  • Show gratitude and thanks. Tell any Service members or Veterans you know (family, friends, neighbors, colleagues etc.) how grateful you are for their hard work, sacrifices and accomplishments. Remind them of how important their service is to this country. Our gratitude and appreciation make them feel proud.
  • Donate. Donate to local charities dedicated to supporting Service members, Veterans and their families. Search your area on how you can do so.
  • Send a care package. Care packages offer a beautiful, as well as meaningful, way to show love and support You can create one to send to a military member themselves as they serve abroad or you can send one to their family.
  • Support a local military family. Search within your own community for families who currently have a service member serving away from home and contact them to see how you can help. Ideas include organizing free baby sitting, collecting gift cards for clothes or groceries, or soliciting donations for school supplies and books. You can also support military families through Operation Homefront.
  • Assist disabled veterans. Reach out to Disabled American Veteran Dav.org to see how you can volunteer your time to our nation’s heroes. A little help with small things go a long way. For example, you can help with yard/garden work, grocery shopping, and also volunteer in the local nursing homes and medical clinics.

As small as these gestures may seem, a little recognition goes a long way! They do make a big impact on the Service member and their families.

As a military spouse of a Veteran, I know how important it is to feel the love and support from others when your spouse is away for weeks or months at a time. I will always be proud of the sacrifice and dedication that it takes!

“To the men and women in uniform…past, present and future, God Bless you and thank you for your service.” I salute!


Keita Brock is married to Nick and together they have three amazing children, Amari, Aiyana and Aiden. She is a middle Tennessee native, proudly born and raised. Her husband is an Air Force veteran and although traveling the world was an amazing adventure, calling Texas home has been such a blessing. In her free time she is a volunteer & mentor in her kids' school district. She enjoys reading, cooking, scrap booking, dancing, yoga, music, traveling with her family, beach trips, hot tea and football(Hook EM)! She is looking forward to learning more about the great state of Texas, getting more involved in what makes her soul happy and helping other mamas find their inner strength through the good times and the bad. A favorite scripture and what she lives by, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Philippians 4:13


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