Dear White People, I ask myself in silence when is this going to stop….is this going to stop? When did this become the new normal? When is white privilege going to stop? George Floyd did not resist, he repeated multiple times “I can’t breathe “…. Ahmed Aubrey went jogging and was gunned down by 3 white men…. Eric Garner repeated multiple times as well “I can’t breathe” …. Botham Jean gunned down by Amber Guyger in his own home…. oh, I forgot…apparently you can’t bird watch in New York now without being falsely accused of attacking a white woman for just asking her to put her dog on leash.

I ask again, when is this going to stop? These are prime examples of what you would call white privilege and racism at its finest. This sickens me, and it scares me for my 3 black children and the world that we live in today.

White PrivilegeIronically, my husband and I had a conversation last week regarding racism, and I told him that the world see’s color first. At first, he did not agree with me, he stood firm on his belief and stated, “No That’s Not True!” I told him that our son can walk out of this house with his white friend who is the same age as him (18 yrs old), dressed just a like, same height, same weight. Once he steps foot out of this house society will see him as a Black Man first, not two young men, but as a Black Man. Never mind his accomplishments, awards, and accolades that he has received, his friend will have the upper hand over him because he is white.

I never thought that I would be living in a world that the people who came before me, who came before my parents, who fought so hard against the injustice and racism that African American received in country. To see how racism, police brutality, white privilege, and killings of unarmed black men and women are something of the norm now, I can’t process that thought! Now, I am raising three children in midst of this, and I am terrified for them.

See this is a conversation that all black parents, no matter what your economic status or background is, must have with their children, BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK. When my two teenage son’s who are both 18 and 14 years old leave my house, the goal is for them to return home unharmed and safe.

My husband and I have had this conversation with all three of our kids, yes including our 12-year-old daughter (she is not immune to the situation). If you get pulled over by the police, you put your hands in plain sight, look forward do not speak unless you are being spoken to, you know your rights, and DO NOT MOVE. Unfortunately these are the conversations that black and brown parents have to have with their children, because it has become reality that there is a possibility that our children may not make it home unjustly at the hands of the police. Now, I know this may not be the norm for some of you, but this is my norm. This is the norm for a black mother who is raising 3 beautiful black children in a predominantly white neighborhood, and often times they are questioned if they live in the neighborhood because they don’t look like the norm….this is my truth.

On Memorial Day, Amy Cooper decided she would make a false report to the authorities in New York City and state that she was being attack by a black man who was bird watching who simply asked her to put her dog on leash. Mr. Cooper (who is of no relation to the accuser) video taped the entire incident, showing Amy Cooper stating that she was going to call the police and tell them that she was being attacked. Word to the wise to all the Amy “Karen” Coopers out there, please think long and hard before you decide to call the police to make a false report on anyone, especially a person of color.

This incident could have ended so differently than it did. Yes, Amy Cooper was fired from her job, and she have to return the rescue pup back to the shelter where she got it from, BUT Mr. Cooper could have easily lost his life, or been beaten, or arrested. Why? Because a white woman chose to use her white privilege and call the police and make a false claim that she was being attacked. Ms. Cooper thought that by her being white, this situation was going to be just in her favor. That was until the video was release, and the world saw how she acted.

We as a society have to do better, we have to want better as a collective. We cannot just sit by and comment on social media, but when it is time to get out and fight for equality and justice for all, we all need to get out there and fight…not just black people. I do not know what we are going to need to do for change to happen, but we all have to do our part, white people that includes you too.

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Kamisha York
Hey yall!! I’m Kamisha York (called Misha for short). I was born in Georgia but raised in Texas, married to my husband Wesley and mom to my three beautiful children Jayden (22), Wesley Jr. (18), and Peyton (16). I am the Executive Director of Peyton’s Allergy Shield of Hope, a 501 (c) (3) that my husband and I started in honor of our 14-year-old daughter to advocate and educate for those living with food allergies. On any given day you will find me volunteering for my daughters’ high school for the cheer booster club or racing to watching my two sons on the football field or basketball court at their high school and Texas Tech University. In my free time I love to listen to audible books, bake, and blog about how my husband and I navigate our crazy life with 3 kids and navigating our lives to accommodate our daughters multiple food allergies at


  1. It is heartbreaking,and I understand only a very small amount. Raising two girls to feel strong enough to do be anything they wished to,and keep them safe felt like a challenge. I am so sorry my worries, while real, are not the absolute fear that not if…but when. God bless you and keep your family safe. And thank you for voicing so well this very real very wrong threat to United States citizens.

  2. I’m not black, but I see you.
    I’m not black, but I hear you.
    I’m not black, but I mourn with you.
    I’m not black, but I see the injustice that you face daily.
    I’m not black, but I see your fear for your sons and even your daughters.
    I’m not black, but I will stand with you.
    I’m not black, but I love you.
    I’m not black, but black lives matter.

    And I don’t care how much backlash I get from this, because BLACK. LIVES. MATTER. ❤️ and I will always stand beside you.

    #blacklivesmatter #blm

  3. I’m A normal Caucasian man who is a proud father and a first time grandfather. When I observed the situation on the news, My 1st thought was god please help this individual immediately! My father was in Law enforcement & I’m sure if he were alive today his comment would be this so called Police Officer is definitely a true embarrassment & without question should be punished immediately as if he were a normal civilian … I really believe in my heart all colors know this is a tragedy and should have never happened. I have many friends black, Brown Etc who I admire and we all feel the same, this is worse example of law enforcement !! I’m truly praying your children can exit there residence & not worry about this horrible man who took the life of another human being…. all of us should be able to just enjoy life , be friends and feel free in America…. unfortunately bad people exist Even in law enforcement, which is a shameful thing. I I’m one who always hopes, racism can be eliminated someday! It’s simple, respect each other regardless of color! I was raised by some parents, we’re all the same so let’s continue to pray situations like this will STOP!

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart. As the other person stated, I too am not black or brown, but I’m with you. My hope and prayer is that I can help other people, who are not of color, see that this is our cause and our fight. And it won’t be enough until the white people in this country speak louder for the lives/rights/needs of their black friends than they do for their own. I’m not black but I’m with you and I see you. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. You are so right. Your line “We as a society have to do better, we have to want better as a collective” is right on! We all need to be here for one another.

    We need lots of change, starting with a change to the power structure in this country!! Let’s work to get out the VOTE!

    Thank you for your painfully true article.

  6. I am deeply disturbed by the brutal murder of Mr. Floyd, and I pray he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. With that being said, I disagree with even the title of your article, “Dear White People,” as generalizations are always unfair. The monster who murdered Mr. Floyd did not do so because of his skin color. He did so because he is evil. Whites fought and died for the civil rights movement just as there are whites who would stand by your side today and fight for justice for Mr. Loyd or your precious children. Evil is the true source of division and injustice just as good is what connects us in our humanity and willingness to fight injustice as brothers and sisters—no matter our skin color. I can assure you, our legal system fails people of all colors. If you truly feel injustice fails more black Americans, it is an American problem. It’s our problem to fight together as opposed to a “white privilege” problem. The 1% in this country don’t care if you are black or white. Their policies have left communities across America, white, black, and Hispanic, looking like 3rd world countries. So when you write, “Dear White People,” you fuel the flames of division. You make us all the enemy when we are not. I’m on your side. 100%. When I see the horrific picture of Mr. Loyd, I think of my own children just as you do. My stomach tightens and a lump rises in my throat. I have zero sympathy for the white man who murdered Mr. Loyd because I see good or evil, not white or black. White and black Americans have to fight this war of injustice together, on a case by case basis. And good people—white or black—are invested and willing to fight for justice for all. So please don’t lump me in with the enemy. I have suffered deeply in this life, and Oprah Winfrey is more privileged than any white person I know. When our justice system fails black America, it is an American problem. It is our war to fight together, as good people, black and white. The policies of the left are killing America with absolute color blindness. People in power are failing Americans of all colors. I would give my right arm to see Trey Gowdy fight a criminal case for Mr. Loyd. Crime is rising everywhere, as is poverty, and Americans are fearing crime everywhere on a larger scale. If being black in America comes with a unique set of fears, I pray this generation will fight that, that each case of white on black police brutality ends in merciless prosecution of a white person. I stand with you. Not them.

    • Your entitled to feel anyway you want regarding my article…my article is named “Dear White People” because the question at hand is when is enough going to be enough for “whites people “ before they get up and say something. If you believe that the officer Who killed George Floyd did it because he is pure evil…yes your right he is pure evil…but don’t get it twisted that he was not treated in the way he was because he’s BLACK. George Floyd’s race PLAYED A MAJOR ROLED (in my opinion was first the reason he was treated the way he was, and ultimately killed). I can assure you that I know that white people stood along and fought for civil right as along with black people during the civil rights movement. I can assure you that our legal system fails people of all color, BUT I can assure you that our legal system fails blacks and minorities MUCH MORE THEN THEY DO THE WHITES.

      Black Americans make up less than 13 percent of this country’s population but the rate at which we will get shot and killed by the police is more than twice as high as the rate for white people. When black people commit crimes against other black people, we are prosecuted. But think about it… many White Police Officers have actually faced real jail time for unjustly killing a unarmed black person. Most of the time they’re faced with getting off with little to if any punishment and reproductions.

      By naming my article “DEAR WHITE PEOPLE” you feel as though I’m fueling the flame by singling out one race. Ask yourself this….why would she name it Dear White People? Because when White People speak you are heard in this country, and when white people are bothered by seeing and hearing of unarmed black men and women (children too) be killed at the hands of the police and other white people….when enough noise is made….then THEY WILL LISTEN. My stomach turns and I get a lump in my throat every time my children leave this house….or how they was ever so nicely profiled and watched at our local Target on yesterday because they we’re black….only to get home and my oldest tells me that he is use to it. No child should ever be use to being profiled and watched when shopping, I shouldn’t have to force my boys to not wear their hoodies.. because they are Black and Men/Boys. So, please you can’t begin to imagine how I feel…and where I’m coming from as a Black Mother of three children. I didn’t say that ALL WHITE PEOPLE are racist in my article, But as a whole…like I’ve said before and I will stand firm in what I’m saying…If you are white, and you will profess how you feel about police brutality, killings of innocent black men and people of color, and the racist injustice that is happing to people of color…and how you disagree with it. But your will turn a blind eye to it at the same time when you see it happening…you don’t open your mouth and speak…then yes I will lump you in my eyes with the rest…there’s no difference. And YES being BLACK COMES WITH A UNIQUE SET OF FEARS that you can’t even imagine….until you have walked in my shoes as a black woman living in this country and face the fears that I have faced, my husband has faced, my children has faced and will faced, being called a N-Word because of the color of your skin from a white person…then maybe there will be some validity in what you say. And yes, I do think and strongly believe injustices fail black people more, Yes…this is a America problem….that’s why until the MAJORITY is affected and tired of this….THAT’S WHEN REAL CHANGE WILL HAPPEN. We as black people and people of color can’t do it by ourselves….

      White Privilege: When a white persons whiteness has come and will continue to come with benefits and advantages not shared by people of color. Don’t get it confused with “economic privilege “ this doesn’t have anything to do with your economic status. Not taking away that you as a white person has not suffered, because you stated that In your response…not to say that you don’t work hard…cause I’m sure you do.

      The word ‘privilege’ is often associated with upper classes; people who went to private schools, those who got a car for their sweet 16th, those who have hired ‘help’ or people whose parents paid their rent throughout university, many white people who come from low socioeconomic backgrounds negate the concept of white privilege.

      White privilege doesn’t mean that you are born into money, that’s class privilege.

      White privilege means that you are born into the racial ‘norm’, another kind of privilege. A privilege where you can;

      Turn on the television or open to the front page of the paper and see people of your race widely represented.

      If you wish, you can arrange to be in the company of people of your race most of the time.

      If you buy “flesh” coloured items like band-aids or stockings, they will more or less match your skin tone.

      If you were able to use the original suite of emoji’s, the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘peace sign’ hand gestures represented your race.

      You can easily can find picture books, greeting cards, dolls, toys and magazines featuring people of your race.

      Being born white means that you were born into a system that validates and reaffirms that you are socially included – and being socially included, is a very valuable privilege.

      And lastly, unlike class, a person cannot hide their race.

  7. As I explained to my eldest daughter today who went to the protest today in Austin. This cycle started toward the end of the revolutionary war in the late 1780’s. On into the Civil War in the 1800’s and after abolitionists succeeded then into the 1900’s. In my lifetime we have seen cyclic successes in the the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and so on. The pattern keeps repeating but as an optimist I believe we have seen progress over the last 250 hundred years. Progress needs to come faster as all things in society have sped faster also. I support the rights of Americans no matter their ethnicity. I support peaceful protest but deplore the bad actors (roughly 1%) that just want an excuse to destroy innocent peoples property.


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