We are ALL people. You may be White, Black, Chinese, or Hispanic…any race, but we are all humans. We may look different or even act different, but we are ALL still people who should be treated fairly. Black lives matter

Instead of only worrying about yourself try to put yourself in other people’s shoes:

  • Let’s say you are taking a stroll through your neighborhood and someone calls the cops on you just because you are black, and they assume you are trying to commit a crime. How would you feel if that was you?
  • What if you were a black mom, constantly worrying about your child’s safety? How would you feel if that was you?
  • What if you got denied a job just because of your skin color? What if you were a better candidate for the job, but you were judged by your skin color. How would you feel if that was you?
  • What if, when you tried to point out things that happen every day to black people, you were judged even more and called a liar? What if most people didn’t believe these things even happen? How would you feel if that was you?
  • Every day people of color risk discrimination, unfair treatment, threats or injury, and even face the risk of death just because of their race or skin color. How would you feel if that was you?

If my mom gets pulled over for speeding, she is annoyed, mad at herself, worried about paying a fine, chuckling a little, even- not afraid for her life. If my brother walks to the park to play Frisbee, we don’t worry that someone will feel threatened by him and call the police. We don’t HAVE to worry about these things, but people of color do- and that is not right. That is not fair. 

All through school we are taught to be nice, stick up for each other, and treat others the way you want to be treated. So why aren’t people doing that? Why is this discriminatory behavior allowed or ignored? Teachers told us it doesn’t matter what you look like or what race you are, you should all be kindhearted. Adults should know this, and live their lives this way. Serious stuff is going on and black people especially are being treated AWFULLY! It has to stop! It will stop. If this generation doesn’t fix it, don’t worry.


Enough is enough.

What can we do? We can stick up for black people, or anyone, when they are being treated unfairly. We can have talks with friends or family members when they show a prejudice or racism. We can stand up to authority if it is showing discrimination and inequality. We can learn about activism, and write letters to politicians, go to protests, volunteer time and donate money, buy from black-owned businesses, show support on social media, and keep learning.

We can listen, we can learn, we can open our eyes. It’s easy to not see these problems when they don’t seem to affect you, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. YOU can make a difference even if it is just little things like smiling more, or writing nice notes, or simply just becoming friends with someone who looks different. Change and acceptance start in small ways, in yourself. You CAN make a difference.

Stick up for what you think is right. Help others by standing up for them. Put yourself in other people’s shoes, and keep asking: How would you feel if that was you?  

Author :: Ivey Grace – 11 years young



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