Remember those “What type of mom video’s and quizzes,” that were popular? I am a better mom than I thought and you probably are too.

Based on general assumptions about mothers, participants in quizzes are encouraged to answer specific questions, and based on responses you could be identified as one of the following moms:

  1. Pinterest Mom—a Do It Yourself, craft loving, baking from scratch, everything is homemade.This mom is known for having unrealistic expectations.She thrives on a schedule.
  2. Helicopter Mom—Always available to prevent or save children from harm. This mom is known for being extremely careful and anxious. She overanalyzes everything.
  3. Granola Mom—All natural, avoids pesticides excess sugar, and food coloring. This mom is known as the researching parenting expert.
  4. The Hipster Mom—Trendy, known to follow what’s in, loves all things vintage, and will shun ideas that aren’t deemed cool.
  5. The Hot Mess Mom—Forgetful, the one who runs late, and has a hard time remembering all scheduled activities.

better mom than I thoughtI confess, before becoming a mom I read all the books, watched trendy videos, and took quizzes to see if I fit a specific description.

Can you relate to any of these moms?

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Though these titles are comical, being a mom is said to be the toughest job around, and it doesn’t come with instructions! The journey of motherhood is personal. It can’t be defined by taking a quiz, reading a book, or identifying with a specific way of acting.

As moms, we have an amazing opportunity to partner with our children to develop them for life!

Oh my, what a task!

My job is to teach and guide my children into becoming effective, kind adults. I can partner with them to empower them to be amazing humans by:

  1. Showing kindness —What our children see in us is how they relate to themselves. I can choose to treat others with kindness and respect. When I make mistakes, I can use them as opportunities to share a story to build resilience and character.
  2. Practicing how to be a team player—We can guide them in the home on how to be a part of a team. We can partner with our kids to practice active listening, to always be ready to help others, and to support and respect all (that could be siblings, parents, teachers, peers, etc).
  3. Encouraging them to take risks— We can inspire them to take risks to build their confidence, and strengthen their decision making skills.
  4. Treating mistakes as learning experiences— We can emphasize their strengths in mistakes and build them up by helping them to see challenges as opportunities by saying, what could I learn from this?

Motherhood is an opportunity to give ourselves grace, learn from our mistakes on good and bad days, and continue on the development journey of life.

At the end of the day, being a mom can be like a mirror; it shows who we are through reflections of ourselves in our children.

So as it turns out, I am a better mom than I thought!

Jaime Germany Terry is a native “New Mexican,” who moved to Dallas, Texas area to pursue an undergraduate degree. While visiting her closest friend during Graduate school spring break, she proclaimed Austin felt like her childhood home! After finishing her MBA, she relocated to Austin. She is the wife to Aaron, and mommy of two precious little beauties nicknamed: Miss Effervescent and Miss Vibrant. She lovingly refers to her daughters as her “littles.” Initially as a busy wife and mom she became reactive, trying to do it all perfectly. Now as a recovering perfectionist, she’s discovered a way to be responsive and intentional as a wife, mom, and professional. In 2018 she became a Certified Professional Coach with a goal to assist women in finding personal fulfillment while moving their goals forward. She loves listening to audiobooks, podcasts, traveling, and visiting wineries in the Hill Country, and spending time with her family and friends.


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