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Pest Control Myths5 pest control myths dispelled. Summer is in full force here in Central Texas and my family has already seen an increase of pests trying to make their way into our home to escape the Texas heat. As a native Texan, I know we’re in for the long haul of scorching temps, but that doesn’t mean I’m comfortable sharing my cool escape of my A/C inside my home with pests.

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Don’t be fooled by some common myths that might land you with an unexpected pest problem this summer.

#1 If you’re clean, you won’t have a pest problem

When bugs come inside, they aren’t looking for dirt. They are looking for three things: food, water, and shelter, and those can be found in dirty and clean houses.

#2 Concrete Slab/Brick Homes Are Termite Proof

Pest Control MythsWhile termites do not eat concrete, houses with concrete slabs are not immune from termite problems. The structure behind your concrete slab and the brick exterior is made of wood. On the plus side, having a concrete slab will help you identify a termite problem in its early stages. Mud tubes along your slab can alert you to take active before the problem overtakes your home. Termites can enter a home through small cracks in the foundation. So it’s important to continuously check your home for hollow spaces in the slab or bricks around your home, and to keep mulch from piling up along the foundation which can prevent you from seeing possible termite activity.

Pest Control Myths#3 Mosquitos only come out at dawn or dusk

Unless you live in a magical land where mosquitoes don’t exist (and if you do, please let me know so I can head there now), chances are you already know this myth isn’t true. Mosquitoes are out and about at all hours and when food becomes available. They are attracted to us by our sweat, and let’s be honest, it’s nearly impossible to be outdoors in Texas and not sweat.

Mosquitoes can carry dangerous viruses that can harm your family (West Nile, Zika) and pets (heart-worms). Turn your yard into a mosquito-free zone with a mosquito fogging or misting system.

#4 – I don’t see a pest issue, so I don’t need pest control

Bugs like your home for the same reasons you do. It provides them with shelter from extreme temps, food and water. You may not be seeing them because most pests are nocturnal, so they come out to party once you’re sound asleep. But also because they tend to find shelter tucked away in hidden places such as inside your walls, cracks along baseboards, or in your attic.

#5 DYI pest control is just as good as professional pest control

Pest control technicians are experienced and trained to be on the lookout for evidence of infestations that you might not be aware of. They know pest habits, and what they’re looking for. The truth is, over-the-counter pest control options are not simply a one size fits all solution. They are designed to be a direct contact solution rather than a residual that degrades over time.

Tips from the experts

  • Make sure to properly seal the entries to your home
  • Regularly maintain outdoor maintenance of your lawn, trees, gutters and drain areas
  • Remove pet food from outside or next to doors that may attract pests to venture inside
  • Seal trash cans tightly
  • Remove clutter and debris including kids’ toys that may collect water over time (ie. Buckets, sand toys, water tables)

Austinites are known for seeking out the most eco-friendly and least toxic products. Chem-Free utilizes a low impact treatment plan to provide you with the most effective, long-lasting pest controls possible while minimizing the impact to the health and well-being of your family and natural environment.


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