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Pets are such a fun addition to any family, increasing the love and joy all around, and especially right now during a season where the quantity of slow downtime at home with kids is at an all-time high! Despite all of the challenges of staying home more than normal this summer, it is a great time to consider buying or adopting a new animal family member.

Apparent Insurance is a great partner for families considering a new pet, and they’ve provided the following few points to consider before adopting or purchasing a new pet for your family:

  • Allergies: Does anyone around you have any pet allergies? Be sure that your kiddos and any common visitors or nearby friends are not allergic, as the pets’ hair is often hard to keep completely out of main hallways and living rooms.
  • Yard Space: Will your pet be outside a lot, and if so, what’s your yard like? If your pet will require a lot of outside activity – does your yard accommodate that? Specifically, does your yard have any spots that are losing the grass/getting muddy? Also, we live in an area where there are a lot of coyotes, and small pets need to be fenced in to be protected from wildlife. Do you have a fence to keep your pet safe and enclosed?
  • Hospitality: Do you host often? Playdates or social dinners/events? If so, where will your pet fit in when you’re hosting small kids or professional guests or family from out of town? Do you have a spot that your pet can rest when visitors arrive or will this impend your hospitality efforts?
  • Budget: Does your budget allow for you to pay for food, supplies (i.e. leashes, crates/kennels), veterinarian visits, medications as needed?
  • Travel: Do you travel a lot? If yes- what will happen to your pet? Do you have someone who can stay at home with your pet for you, or will you need to hire someone? Maybe you’d prefer to bring your pet on your trips and if so, you may want to consider pet insurance. Our partner, Apparent Insurance, now automatically provides pet injury insurance for anyone who has collision insurance through Apparent. The injury coverage pays up to $1,000 to help with any recovery or veterinarian expenses for your traveling pet.

To help local families find new pets, here is list of several Austin-area animal shelters that are currently offering pet adoptions:

Austin Animal Center

Austin Dog Rescue (ADR)

Austin Humane Society

Austin Pets Alive 

WilCo Animal Shelter

Let us know if you adopt a new family pet and share a picture in the comments, if you do! To find out more about Apparent’s new Pet Coverage feature, visit apparent.com/pet-coverage.

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