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Teaching a teenager the ins and outs of driving probably doesn’t top your list of to-dos
but chances are, getting behind the wheel and the freedom it affords are all your 16-
year old can think about. Focusing on the up side of this milestone is key. There are teen driver safety tips that every parent should consider.

On one hand, you’ll have another person who can help take their little sister to cheer
practice but on the other, the most important humans in the world are momentarily out
of your reach and at the mercy of people you don’t know.

When it comes to driver safety, it’s important to treat your teen like they’ve never been
in a vehicle. Start with the very basics until those basics become your teen’s driving

Here are some of the basics for your Teen Driver:

* Buckle up the seat belt when getting into the car, and ensuring all passengers have
done so too.
* Put all mobile technology out of reach, maybe opting for the glove compartment.
* Adjust the outside and rearview mirrors for the current driver’s perspective.
* Relax.

While these points might seem obvious to the experienced driver, they aren’t to
someone who was wearing diapers and drooling not that long ago.
It’s important that trust exists between yourself and your teen. This guide is meant to
help facilitate trust and ensure your teen is making the right choices not only for
themselves, but everyone they share the road with.

Here are some of the best teen driver safety tips for any parent with a child on the cusp
of adulthood:

Know the current traffic laws

First and foremost, lead by example. Your teen might be glued to their phone while
riding with you around town, but take my word for it, they’re paying attention to every single traffic law you break. They might act mortified to be around you in public, but they
are observant creatures and your influence is still profound.

Tip: Brush up on your driver’s safety skills as soon as possible because the traffic laws
have changed since you were a teenager back in the day.

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Minimize distractions

The biggest distraction for people of any age is a mobile device. Even if the phone has
the capability of going into driving mode, the temptation is far too great to trust that your
teen won’t try and disable that feature. Taking their eyes off the road even for a moment
to play the newest tune by Post Malone can have long-lasting, irreversible effects so. So
make sure your teen understands the importance of distracted driving.

Download a tracking app

If your car doesn’t come with the latest technology, then there’s an app for that.
Downloading a driving app that allows you to track your teen’s whereabouts in real time
is possibly the greatest invention for parents since the Baby Bjorn. Less than 20 years
ago, parents were relying on their occasionally absent-minded and easily distracted
teen to check in once arriving at their destination. But thanks to the folks at Apparent
Insurance, tracking your teen’s safety is a breeze, and it doesn’t interfere with their
social life or invade their privacy.

Use the blinker

As tempting as it is not to use the blinker when no one is behind you, do it anyway.
Besides the fact it’s violating a traffic law not to use the turn signal, it’s also a habit you
don’t want to get out of. Plus, it’s one of the easiest ways to avoid a ticket even if you
think no one is looking. Assume there is.

Pay attention

Operating a vehicle takes 100% focus because cars, animals and pedestrians can pop
out from anywhere at any time. Pay attention to not only the car directly ahead of you (while remaining an acceptable distance away), but the car ahead of it. If that car
decides to turn either right or left, the car directly in front of you might have to suddenly
slam on their brakes. Even though you might not be tailgating, your reaction time must
be spot on to avoid an accident.

Driving privilege

Every eligible 16-year old isn’t automatically guaranteed a driver’s license and a set of
wheels once they turn that magical number. These are privileges which can be revoked
at any time by yourself or the law. That’s why taking driver’s ed and defensive driving
courses, even more than one, and understanding traffic laws are imperative to having a
safe and responsible teen.

These are just some of the reasons the state can revoke a driver’s license:

* Drinking and driving.
* Speeding.
* Texting and driving.
* Reckless driving.
* Driving without a seatbelt.

Parents can also revoke driving privileges if their teen has even one infraction. This
might prevent it from happening again. And treating the keys to their beloved set of four
wheels like the laws of the state will be beneficial for you and your teen’s safety behind
the wheel.

Practice, practice, practice

Make sure your teen has lots of hours under their belt before they are let loose on their
own. Practicing over and over again at different times of the day will make for a much
more knowledgeable and competent teen driver.

As hard as it is to suddenly become the backseat driver in your teen’s new-found
independence, giving them the best tools for their ever-growing toolbox will help him or
her not only in life, but develop into the safest driver on the road.
Most importantly, remain calm while you’re a passenger with a teen driver. It’ll help keep
the new driver calmer and make for a better riding experience.

And thanks to Apparent Insurance, the company designed by parents for parents, for
bringing us this helpful info. As parents, they understand the importance of teen driver

That means having benefits like a teen driver app and partnerships with Aceable for drivers ed, and At-Home Mechanic Services.

Apparent is here to put parents’ minds at ease during some of life’s most anxious moments. Have you checked out their features and made the switch to Apparent?


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