Amazon saves the day…AGAIN! Seriously, the amount of affordable, trendy and classic fashion items that Amazon has these days is unreal.

Not only is the quality on point for these items {I have personally purchased everything you see below!} but there are generally hundreds if not thousands of reviews to back up my opinions on why these are the best finds for fashion!

Bonus points! Not a single item on this list is over $30!

  1. Instagram Famous Sunnies $13.99 – If you are on Instagram, it’s probably guaranteed with an influencer you follow has posted these sunglasses before. They are easy to wear, cheap and flattering to most!
  2. Best-selling romper $24.99 – This casual cotton romper with a tie waist has over 3,500 reviews and is rated 4.5 stars. The quality and comfort on this is great for the money! It looks so similar to more expensive brands such as ZSUPPLY that will cost you over double!
  3. No show socks $16.99 – These are my holy grail for no show socks that actually stay on your feet! They are the only ones I have found to not slip down. They have slip grips on your heels and they work with all types of shoes.
  4. One piece swimsuit $25.55 – This swimsuit that is the right amount of spice and coverage to make you feel comfortable sporting this with your kids at the local community pool.
  5. Flowy Dress $27.98 – This loose flowy dress can be dressed up or dressed down. Can be worn during summer or into fall & winter with boots. It is super universal and comes in both a long sleeve & short sleeve version. Super flattering while being very easy to wear and comfortable!
  6. Men’s Athletic Tank Top $21 – I bought a few of these for my husband and they are definitely a Lululemon dupe tank top. The material is quick-drying, moisture-wicking and comes in a variety of colors.
  7. Chunky Knit Sweater $27.99 – I love this thick chunky knit sweater with leggings and boots for fall & winter. The quality is great and it is actually warm!
  8. Softest Kids Pajamas $17.99 – The softest pajamas my kids own. Boy and girl options available. Shorts and pants options available. These are my go-to for both my son and daughter. The fabric is light, stretchy and easy to wrangle on squirmy kids!
  9. Long sleeve Mock Turtleneck $18.99 – I wore this all winter long. The stretchy material makes it easy to layer with jackets and even tuck in for a “bodysuit” look without actually having to wear a bodysuit! It is SO flattering!


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