Breonna Taylor was a woman…a black woman …a young, black woman… a young, black medical professional. Shot and killed by Louisville Police officers in March. It’s been months since the life of Breonna was carelessly taken. For months, communities have protested. Some peacefully, some not so much. Wanting change, wanting to truly be appreciated, respected as an American, and as a human being. 

This week, the grand jury made the decision to not charge two of the officers involved with the murder of Breonna. A charge was filed against only one officer and it wasn’t for her death. The charge? First degree, wanton endangerment. This means, the officer recklessly fired shots and did not show value for human life.  

In response to only one charge being filed against one of the officers who took the life of Breonna, there have been protests across the nation. As Breonna’s family mourns their loved one, the community tries to wrap their thoughts around the decision of the grand jury and how we can make change so that this doesn’t happen again. A simple start can be to value life. Value women. Value the Black Woman. Value THIS Black woman and you can start by saying her name. 

Until the officers are charged, Say Her Name.
Until justice is served, Say Her Name.
Until the Black Woman’s life is valued, Say Her Name.
Until Black Women can receive equal treatment as others, Say Her Name.
Until Black Women are seen as Human, Say Her Name.
Until Black Women are honored in a positive light, Say Her Name.
Until Black Women receive equal pay, Say Her Name.
Until change in America comes, Say Her Name. 

Breonna Taylor, I will say your name and work towards making a change in my community.
Breonna Taylor, I will say your name and continue to work towards equal pay for black women.
Breonna Taylor, I will say your name and teach my girls to value life.
Breonna Taylor, I will say your name and continue to honor Black Women.
Breonna Taylor, I will say your name and continue to work towards change in the home of the brave, land of the free. 

No matter what your nationality, color, religious belief, or job title may be, if you are a human, mother, daughter, cousin, or friend….Say Her Name…Breonna Taylor 


Patrice was born and raised a Georgia Peach, and thanks to her military service in the U.S. Air Force, she has lived in several states. Patrice is a Grantham University graduate student, holding her Bachelor’s in Business and her M.B.A. She is the wife of Daniel and mom to Dana and Alana. Passionate about her family and running the family business with Daniel, she is always looking to learn something new. Writing, traveling, and dancing is just a shortlist of her hobbies. You'll often catch her with her head in a book, enjoying all of the local Tex-Mex restaurants and exploring Austin’s most beautiful hiking spots.



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