Gender reveal parties have become almost as common as baby showers, and during a world-wide pandemic, parents-to-be may feel like they’re missing out. Confetti cannons and colored cupcakes with all of your closest friends may not always fall under Covid guidelines, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate your sweet baby. If gender reveals are your thing, here are a few socially distant ideas that won’t break the bank (or burn down a forest):

Letter from the Big Sibling

There is nothing sweeter than a handwritten note, especially if it’s misspelled by your grandchild. If this isn’t your first little one, get the big siblings involved and send some snail mail to friends and family. It’s a super simple gesture with a sentimental punch, and an awesome way to get big brothers and sisters excited for the new arrival.
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Zoom Party

If you can dream it, you can Zoom it! Over the last few months we’ve seen conference calls, family game nights, virtual weddings and episodes of Catfish all made possible by Zoom. If having a gender reveal party was something your heart was set on, and you’re not comfortable with an in-person soiree just yet, take it to the screen! Choose your weapon–confetti, piñata, balloons etc.–and send the Zoom link to your family and friends.

Drive-By Parade

Lockdown celebrations have been much happier with the help of drive-by parades. See the surprise on your loved ones faces as they cruise by to celebrate your new babe. You could also flip the script and designate a Grand Marshal to handle the reveal, and each car can be decorated in pink or blue.
Gender Reveal Parties

Donut Delivery

This is quite possibly the most delicious course on the list. Letter donuts are super trendy right now, and the recipients will be super grateful (and happy for your growing family, of course!) Send a box to a few of your favorites–and yourself–and enjoy!

Scratch-off Cards

My little family (and belly) is growing and we made scratch-offs for our families. They all live in New Jersey so we’re used to being socially and physically distant from them. I found some scratch off stickers on Amazon (did you know there was such a thing?!) and my husband and I designed our own card. They were fun to make and so exciting to send out. Once everyone received their cards we FaceTimed and cried tears of joy together. (It’s a BOY!) If you’re not into the DIY, you can find pre-made ones on Amazon, Target and Etsy.
Whether you’re finding out your baby’s gender, keeping it a secret or going all out with a party, CONGRATULATIONS! We’re wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy pregnancy.
Alison is a lover of boybands, cheese, and a good leather jacket (not always in that order). Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, she left her career as a radio personality to move to Texas with the love of her life, Ed. In three short years, she became an Austinite, wife, and mama to sweet little Simon (2). Alison works as a nanny and a venue manager at dreamy One Eleven East in Hutto. She loves salsa dancing, nail salons that serve champagne, and sneaking snuggles when her toddler will let her. Although she misses her family, the seasons, and the sea back East, Alison is happy to call Austin home with her boys. You can find Alison on Instagram @aliwontshutup


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