This is that time of the year where we have so many things going on that our self care and our health may start to take the back-burner. We have events, travel, family activities, school/work parties. Without our health, we can’t enjoy any of those things and be productive in the way that we need to be. Let Empower Family Chiropractic help!

Changing seasons: Why it affects our body and why do we need to change our routine when it comes to self care.

So you might be wondering…Why are some people affected by the change of seasons and others are not? At Empower Family Chiropractic, we find it’s all about how your system is able to respond to the stressors of life and then appropriately ADAPT to these stressors. The body is constantly trying to adapt. Some of us are at higher stress levels than others (even outside of the holiday season). Even though our bodies are extraordinarily resilient and intelligent, things can still overwhelm us. Think for a moment of our bodies as a bucket, continuously taking in water (stressors) that we pour into it throughout our days. At some point, this bucket must overflow if nothing is being done to pour out some of the water load. Just the same, sometimes our life stressors make our buckets “overflow”….or in other words…we overwhelm our body’s ability to appropriately adapt to stress when needed, particularly during times of higher stress!

That is the job of the nervous system….to appropriately respond and adapt to what it’s perceiving from our environment, in order to keep our body systems organized and equipped to function at its best, especially when needed the most!


There’s only so much that our bodies can take when it comes to ENVIRONMENTAL, CHEMICAL, and PHYSICAL STRESSORS. During the change of the seasons and holiday festivities we see the following:

  • Fluctuation of temperatures: In Texas, that may mean hot to cold, then cold, to hot…rinse, wash, repeat!
  • Change in levels of environmental allergens: mold, ragweed, etc.
  • High sugar holiday diet (Pumpkin spice everything!)
  • High intake of processed carbs (desserts, etc)
  • High intake of dairy (creams, eggnog, etc.)
  • Holiday parties
  • Traveling and getting out of your normal day-to-day routine
  • End of the year responsibilities/goals
  • Large family gatherings
  • Travels – long periods of sitting on the plane/in the car
  • Shopping – bending over lifting and carrying heavy bags, children, etc.


The holiday season is the opportune time to continue your regimen and not back off when life gets too busy or too fun!

  1. PHYSICAL STRESSORS: The key to life is movement!

GET ADJUSTED – Pain relief and immune boosting

  • We are perceiving our environment through our nervous system and then creating responses to our environment. Not just externally, but internally as well via our nervous system. As a result, we want to make sure that that system is not over stressed and that it even has the capacity to perceive what’s going on and that it’s clear and connected in a way that allows it to give appropriate information out to our organs, cells, tissues and glands. The result?…better ability to regulate ourselves and heal and grow in the way that we need to keep up with the hectic pace and festivities of the holiday season! Keeping your spine well- adjusted this holiday season will help keep your body moving and functioning well. Let Empower Family Chiropractic help with your wellness journey.
  • KEEP MOVING: Make exercise your first priority by exercising first thing in the morning so that you don’t get swept away by holiday activities and miss out on your workout.
  1. CHEMICAL STRESSORS – Boost your immunity!
  • EAT FOR THE SEASON: There are many foods that are beneficial for us to eat during the winter season. These foods are the ones that naturally grown in this season – squashes, sweet potatoes, root vegetables, winter greens, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, apples and pears.
  • EAT WARMING FOODS: Eating these foods stimulates your respiratory system, digestive system (especially kidneys), and immune system. These are all things that may get bogged down during the holiday season. Boost the body’s natural ability to heal and boost your vitality. Examples:
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Bone Broth
  • Vegetable soups
  1. EMOTIONAL STRESSORS – Vitalize the mind!
  • DEEP-BREATHING: Practice 8-count breathing for five minutes in the morning and at night.Breathe in for eight seconds, hold it for eight seconds, and exhale for eight seconds.  Make sure your inhalations and exhalations are evenly spaced.  Stress weakens your immune system.  Eight-count breathing is an easy to practice exercise to re-center yourself and lower stress levels.


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