As mamas, we are always trying to do what is best for our family. We rush around all day from one thing to the next. One of those main jobs? Meal prepping. As soon as the breakfast dishes are cleaned up, we are being asked about snacks. After that, we have to start planning lunch. On and on it goes.

I was introduced to Snap Kitchen a few years ago when I was fighting breast cancer. I had friends who signed up for our meal train, drop ready to go meals off at our home, and our family raved over them. My girls ate every single bite. They had the perfect combination of comfort, yet healthy all in one.

Now, as a working, (and homeschooling) mom of two busy girls, I was once again in need of some easy, go-to meals that were healthy, delicious, and already cooked.

That’s where Snap Kitchen came in.

In Austin, Snap Kitchen offers many different and convenient ways to get your meals prepped and ready. You can visit one of their Texas retail stores, pick them up at Whole Foods, or get them delivered to your door with their healthy meals subscription box. Talk about easy, literally pre-made healthy and delicious meals in a snap!

These meals are not only delicious, they have full body nutrients essential for brain, muscle, and gut health. Snap Kitchen now uses a rotational, seasonal menu that’s designed around your favorite comfort food classics made healthy.

Whether you’re looking for meals to power your January Whole30, fuel your runs, make living a keto lifestyle even easier, or are just looking to eat healthier without sacrificing flavor, there’s a little something for everyone at Snap Kitchen.

There are soooooo many delicious options to choose from.

Snap Kitchen’s meals and meal plans vary from low carb to high protein, to keto or you can strike a balance and customize your own plan. Plus, as previously mentioned, these can be delivered locally the same day you place your order, picked up from a store nearby, or shipped straight to you (nationwide!). Simply place your order via their website, iOS app, or Android app. It’s that easy!

Ready to try your first meal subscription with Snap Kitchen? Use the exclusive promo :: ATXMOM25 — that offers 25% off your first week of a subscription box.

With Snap Kitchen you can finally, take the work out of meal prep!



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