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Becoming a parent, for the first, second or even fifth time is like entering a whole other world, one where everything is new. And while it is exciting to start a new chapter in life, it can also be a lot to take in. It’s not easy to make sense of it all and even harder to make smart calls – whether that’s browsing the baby aisle or studying your baby’s sleeps. Introducing, Lumi by Pampers.That’s why Lumi by Pampers was created, to support you in navigating the newness of a growing family. Pampers has more than 60 years of baby and family expertise and today they’re finding new ways to provide for your family by combining their trusted legacy with new, innovative technology.

Baby to Sleep
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The Lumi by Pampers Ultimate Bundle combines a state-of-the-art Wifi Video baby monitor with new to the world infant sleep tracking technology that pairs proprietary analytics with your baby’s routines, so you can find a sleep rhythm that works for the whole family. 

Lumi by Pampers
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Designed with Logitech, Lumi is the only baby monitor with 1080p high-definition resolution and ultra-wide 180° view for unmatched clarity. Make sure little lids are closed, and see tiny tummies rise and fall — even in the dark! The best part is that this is Wifi monitor meaning you can check in from anywhere and absolutely no loss of signal. This monitor is the only 24/7 sleep-tracking system for better naptime & nighttime sleep!

Lumi by Pampers
Photo Credit :: Stephanie Anne Studios

Here are some of our favorite features that the Lumi by Pampers monitor offers: 

    • Share with multiple caregivers securely (manage permissions anytime from the app) – Securely share with baby’s fans and caregivers, and safely manage individual permissions with ease.
    • Unlimited range (to check in from anywhere) – Count on a secure and constant audio/video feed thanks to state-of-the-art encryption and a reliable WiFi connection.
    • Room temperature and humidity – Baby kicked off the covers? Continuous room temperature and humidity tracking let you know they’re never too hot or cold.
    • True 180 degree wide angle, you can pinch to zoom and also get a full view of the room.
    • Background audio means you can hear your baby even when using other apps or your phone screen is locked – Listen to your baby continuously even while using other apps or when your screen’s locked. And two-way audio lets you soothe, speak and sing to your little one from anywhere.
    • Lookback – 60-second daily video summary of baby’s key highlights, can download and save to phone
    • Your virtual sleep coach – Get expert guidance on how various developmental changes affect sleep, and track your baby’s individual patterns against pediatrician-backed sleep benchmarks to find out if they’re getting the rest they need. Expert sleep coaching series, includes 17 easy-to-use video tutorials on how to nurture baby’s sleep from 0-16 months (includes sleep fundamentals and sleep training). Science-backed, proven methods, curated options so you can choose what best fits your family style.
  • Automated sleep tracking – the Lumi sleep sensor tracks all of your baby’s sleeps and offers personalized insights to help your baby (and you) get better sleep
  • Integrated system – Always know what’s going on, even when baby has been at daycare or you have been at work – you can check in on the app and know how the day has gone.
Baby to Sleep
Photo Credit :: Stephanie Anne Studios

Co-developed with pediatricians, Lumi is the only JPMA-certified baby care sensor that meets their highest standards for safety, performance and functionality. Safe for daily use, the Lumi Sensor uses ultra-low energy (1 full year of 24/7 use releases less energy than a single 45-second smartphone call). Learn more about Lumi today!

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