Your neighbor lost weight eating paleo and you sister-in-law swears by Keto. Have you tried intermittent fasting yet? It’s all the rage. What about Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and have you heard of Noom? How about trying a “Non-Diet” in 2021 to lose weight?

Confused, exhausted, and sometimes hungry is how most people feel just trying to find a diet that fits their life. Instead start with these 5 “non-diets” and find the joy in food again!  

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  1. Switch to a smaller dinner plate. Simply changing from a 12 inch to a 10 inch dinner plate can dramatically change how much you eat. Using a smaller plate will cause you to serve yourself less food, without even realizing it. Some studies have shown this simple trick can reduce consumption by 22%!
  2. If its not good for you, it’s not good for your kiddos. All parents have heard that they shouldn’t eat off their kids plates, but why? If a food isn’t good for you, it certainly isn’t good for their growing bodies. Serve your kids as much fresh food as possible and you won’t feel any guilt when you steal a bite.
  3. Don’t stop when you’re full! Ok, I just said it that way to get your attention, but it’s true! Stop eating with you are no longer hungry, don’t keep going until you feel full. A couple ways to put this into practice are to eat mindfully by eliminating distractions like screens at meal time and eat slowly and try to enjoy your food. When your kids are done eating, instead of asking if they are full, ask “are you hungry anymore?” And allow them to listen to their bodies cues.
  4. Use meat as a side dish. I like to pre-slice meat before I put it on my plate and I always serve the veggies and side dishes first. This way, I fill the plate (and myself) with nutrient dense vegetables before the meat. A few beautiful slices of steak look great on a plate full of veggies and you won’t feel like your missing out at all.
  5. If you are going to snack, snack on whole fruits, vegetables or nuts. This is really a focus on avoiding highly processed foods that often find their way into snack time. If you are truly hungry and need a snack, grab a piece of fruit, some veggies and hummus, or a small handful of nuts. Whole foods like this will fill you up until your next meal with vitamins and minerals your body needs and high fiber content that will help you stay full. Keeping a veggie tray in the fridge will make this an easy option.

The bottom line, small changes can equal big results. Pick 1, 2, or all 5 non-diets and give them a try!

Meagan Linstruth
Meg is a Michigan native who now loves life in Round Rock with her husband, kids and a dog. She has been working in the wellness industry for over a decade and is a certified holistic health coach, a fitness trainer, and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She also has additional training in pre- and post-natal fitness. She is the creator of Healthy Mom Wellness. Here, she guides families to nourish themselves and their children for optimum health and happiness (because you can’t be healthy and sad) and create life-long habits that bring the family together and carry on well into the future. Check it out at


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