So long California… Moving away from family and friends in California and creating a new life in a new city (Austin) can be challenging. We quickly realized that having a strong support system here would be critical to our success in building a life we loved in Austin. If you are struggling to solidify a solid bond with your neighbors, here are some tips on establishing that connection.

  1. Breaking bread: Getting together for a good meal with your neighbors is the best way to get to know them beyond waving when you see each other out front. Anytime you invite someone into your home it deepens the connection and provides a sense of comfort.

  2. Thoughtful conversation: Creating intentional conversation is smooth and easy when you find a connection point. Are your kids similar ages? Do you have similar hobbies? Is it a career field you share? Whatever it is, find the common ground and start to build off of that.

  3. Make the first move: Take initiative and make the effort to show them you are interested in getting to know them. It can be awkward at first but once you show that interest and feel the reciprocation, it is so worthwhile.

There are many perks of having a solid friendship with your neighbors. Having someone to keep an eye on your house while you’re on vacation or bringing in your trash can. If everyone is invested in each other on your street it makes the community safer and more pleasant!

Our neighbors were instant friends for my daughter when we moved to our new home. Being able to walk a few houses down the street instead of having to load up in the car to meet friends is the most amazing perk. Carpooling for school, for events, having someone pop over for a short visit when you are about to pull your hair out with the kids or bring you a meal when you’ve just had a baby.

Our experience in Austin would be very different if we didn’t have this lovable friendship with our neighbors.

I encourage you to reach out and engage thoughtfully to find your community too!



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