I used to wake up in debilitating fear of when one of my next migraines would hit. They would often sneak up on me with no notice, take my sight and sanity, and leave me unable to care for my toddler. I’ve been to the specialists and tried all the medications, yet I was still suffering. After my husband rushed home from work more times than I care to admit, I knew it was time to find some real help.

I have always been interested in chiropractic care, I just never took the leap. Once I found a chiropractor that customized a care plan for me, with routine adjustments, and a few lifestyle tweaks, my migraines disappeared. Because stress plays such a big part in your overall health, and we’re weathering one of the most uncertain times of our lives, I wanted to share a list of some of the things, besides visits to the chiropractor, that help keep me calm and headache free.

Diet- One of the first–and easiest– things you can do when trying to understand your headaches (and actually prevent them!) is starting a food diary. Most neurologists will ask you to begin there. You’ll be surprised what food and drinks can plot your next migraine meltdown. Since becoming a mama, red wine and chocolate became a nightly badge of honor, and when I found out those are common triggers, I may have sobbed into my wine glass. However, once I slowed down on the wine tours, I’ve seen great improvement. If you’re suffering from frequent migraines, try cutting back on items that contain nitrates, nitrites, artificial sweeteners and MSG, and–sad but true–beers, red wine, caffeine and chocolate.

Ice Rolling- After seeing plenty of influencers and celebrities document themselves “ice rolling” as part of their glam routine, I was intrigued enough to buy one before my wedding. While my dark circles and wrinkles are still very visible (I have a two year old afterall) I accidentally found out that ice rolling does a great job at soothing migraines. I ordered mine on Amazon, but a cool washcloth on your forehead can also do the trick.

Ginger- This super root is often linked to cold and flu remedies, but it’s also a powerhouse when tackling migraines. Ginger teas and powders are total life savers. As a quick fix, I always keep Gin Gins (a delightful-stick-in-your-teeth-treat) in my bag so I never skip a beat while out and about with my kiddo.

Peppermint – I 100% have a “migraine pocket” in my purse. Along with the Gin Gins, I carry a peppermint essential oil roller. Peppermint’s cooling effect is totally refreshing and always offers instant relief when I rub a little on my temples.

Exercise- The more I move, the less time I spend with brain pain. By working out a few times a week, you’re promoting overall wellness, increased circulation and relaxation. Walking, dancing, lifting, or yoga…take your pick and combat headaches AND stress–a win-win in these trying times.

I’m totally not a doctor, I’m just a mom who’s sick of missing out on moments because of migraines. While my advice is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical care, I’m happy to always share these tried and true techniques with anyone who feels like they’re running out of options. Cheers (with sulfite free white wine, of course) to mommin’ with less migraines!

Ali Tierney
Ali is a lover of boybands, cheese, and a good leather jacket (not always in that order). Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, she left her career as a radio personality to move to Texas with the love of her life, Ed. Since moving to Austin, she became a wife, mama to two sweet little boys, and author of "B is for Boy Bands." She loves salsa dancing, nail salons that serve champagne, and has an Mmmbop tattoo. You can check out her book on Instagram @bisforboybands


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