Sipping my iced coffee, listening to music that isn’t Disney and enjoying a peaceful solo flight, I reflect back on my weekend. It was a solid momcation with best friends who laughed, ate and drank their way through Seattle. No diaper changes, no early morning wake-ups and no conversation interruptions. It was exactly what I needed to recharge my soul.

For me, momcations are not a luxury, they are a necessity in my life.

They are essential for me to come home energized and ready to take on the world with two young babies. I feel empowered, recharged and so much more engaged in my everyday relationships after these trips.

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Thankfully my amazing husband is not only supportive of these trips but actually encourages I take them. He sees how important it can be for my mental sanity and how good it is for our marriage if I am able to fit these in. This is actually my second mom-cation in four months and I couldn’t be more grateful. He feels a sense of pride in managing the household and kids while I’m away and in turn, I’m proud of him for holding down the fort. It gives me that comfort while I’m away feeling like myself, Jenn, again – not Mommy.

Let’s talk about the big pink elephant in the room: mom guilt. That mom guilt is the real demon. Feeling that need to always be there for the kids, missing that sweet bedtime routine, friend’s birthday party or weekend trip to the park can eat away at us. But what’s more important? Being there unhappy and rundown with little patience left in the tank or taking a few days away to recharge and return STRONGER. I choose the latter for myself.

If you haven’t taken advantage of a momcation, I say TAKE THE TRIP!

As mamas, we’ve earned that time away! Even if it’s a staycation in Austin at a hotel downtown or a short road trip for wine in Fredericksburg. Do it! Get together with your mom tribe, enjoy drinks, restaurants that don’t have a play structure for once and conversation that isn’t interrupted by littles. You won’t regret it!

Share your best memory or destination of your favorite momcation with me!

Momcation in Seattle, Washington


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