New Year, New You?… who needs that kind of pressure after the year we’ve had, right? But, if you are looking for a healthy alternative to sitting on your couch, binging The Home Edit and Bridgerton, and want to shed the “Quarantine 15”, Austin has some of the best workouts available. As one of the top 50 fittest cities in the US, and #1 in Texas, you can find COVID cautious (and conscientious) options to help you discover a new workout routine to bring some fit into your New Year.

Not sure you want to venture into a studio or gym? When the weather is right in Austin you can find amazing places to work out all around town with the many Hike and Bike Trails. The belle of the trails, Lady Bird Lake Trail, offers trails for running and biking, as well on the lake options with paddle board and kayak rentals. Coming this year, Austin will get to take advantage of a revamp to the exercise equipment at the Butler Shores section of the trail courtesy of The Trail Foundation and PARD.

You can also find guided “studio” workouts outdoors. You have probably seen the CG bumper sticker or heard about Camp Gladiator from a neighbor, friend, or co-worker. With CG you have unlimited access to outdoor and virtual workouts that fit your schedule. These workouts are staffed with a Certified Personal Trainer and each “Camp” is a 60 minute, full-body workout incorporating both cardio and strength exercises. Austin’s female owned Fuerte Fitness has moved outdoors, where their community of “Fuertitos” can find small group fitness classes and special events focused on healthy living.  Their goal to make “healthy” fun and exciting, is supported by certified personal training and the inclusive fitness community they foster. You can also take advantage of Austin Moms Voice, Rachel Campbell with Break a Sweat with RLC for their outdoor bootcamps! The program will help you safely burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall stamina, flexibility and strength.

I personally LOVE a routine. For me to have an hour of something planned for me makes workouts a treat. I have reaffirmed my love of Orange Theory during the pandemic. They offered online courses when studios were closed, incorporating some of our Austin coaches and, when they re-opened, they did so thoughtfully with reduced class sizes (and reduced equipment sharing), added mask wearing requirements and temperature check, as well as amped up sanitation protocols. The post workout report, “Show me the data!”, speaks to my soul.

Weights or High Intensity (HIIT) not your cup of tea? You can still get a burn and lean out with Yoga and Barre. There is no shortage of studios in Austin for either discipline and all have amped up their safety and cleanliness guidelines while offering online options to get the most out of your membership. While Austin has many of the national studios, like Core Power Yoga & Barre3, you can also “keep it local”.

With 4 studios around town, you are bound to find one of the highly rated Flow Yoga (formerly Yoga Yoga) studios near you. Flow Yoga’s mission is centered around being Austin made, led by minority women, and is for all shapes and sizes. With over 700 classes available, you can drop in on your schedule and find your fitness level. If you like a good sweat session, Breath & Body Yoga, with 2 locations in Austin, may be right for you. A heated studio brings more oxygen to the muscles and helps in the removal of waste as well as speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids making muscles less prone to injury. The best benefit, the heat also burns fat more easily. Hydrate and check them out!

Barre workouts too build strength and flexibility in a safe low-impact workout, focusing on a strong core and toning your entire body. Central and South Austinites can find Mod Fitness locations nearby. These barre-based workouts take an athletic approach to the principles of ballet, pilates and yoga to elongate and strengthen for a toned physique, better posture, and increased flexibility. In North Austin, you can get one week of classes for free at Omni Barre. Here, you will find an ultralow-impact workout focused on improving and maintaining strength, flexibility, and heart health.

For those that have been in the fitness game for a while and are looking to take your training to the next level, you should check out Atomic Athlete. For over 10 years they have been the leading strength and conditioning facility in Austin, Texas, helping thousands of athletes reach their athletic potential. During the pandemic. They were able to offer members online programming while also regulating attendance at their South & North facilities. Atomic Athlete also hosts a variety of training events and educational seminars to military personnel and civilians and is a veteran owned business.

If you aren’t into a commitment in 2021, you can take advantage of a lot of what Austin has to offer, either by layering up and getting outside or, grab yourself a classpass and sample not only some new workouts, but several self-care options too!

Born in New Hampshire and raised in Florida, Rachel got to Texas as quickly as she could. She has spent the last 20 years in this amazing city as a student, wife, mother, friend and professional. She met her husband, Jonathan, here in Austin and the two share all things Longhorns, as well as a love of football, traveling, and being amateur foodies. When not carpooling the social butterfly, Claire, or watching the world through the eyes of a toddler, Diana, you can find Rachel researching, planning, and booking their next travel adventure. She is an unapologetic Patriots fan and a firm believer in self-care; eat clean, train dirty, and never under estimate the power of a fresh mani/pedi.


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