We are officially now 11 months into this pandemic. So, let’s just be honest, we are all bored AF and the kids are driving us bonkers being stuck mostly at home. Then you throw in the biggest weather pattern most of us have ever seen here in Austin, and we are all just trying to stay alive. And trying to find fun family activities to do at home is never an easy task!

The best way to keep my kids from fighting, my sanity intact and my husband from “just putting on one more episode of Paw Patrol” so to have fun activities planned for the kids that are outside of the normal day to day stuff.

We’ve been experimenting with fun family activities at home to switch things up and keep everyone excited. Here are some of our ideas and things we’ve already done!

Camping at home in the yard:

The perfect excuse to use all that camping equipment that your husband insisted on buying that’s gathering dust in the garage 😉 Set up your tent, make smores, play flashlight tag and check out the stars. Your kids will enjoy the “great outdoors” from the comfort of their own backyard.

Family Workouts at home:

My family has recently started taking the Peloton Fit Family classes. They have classes ranging from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. (If you aren’t a Peloton member already, they are offering two months free on their app!) My three-year-old daughter did three 5-minute classes back to back to back and was asking to keep going. They are the perfect way to get the family active together and off the couch.

Fun food night:

There are so many fun food nights that will get the kids amped up. We’ve done fondue (both cheese & chocolate), a nacho bar, homemade pizzas with all the toppings, make your own ice cream sundae bar, etc. You get the idea! There are endless possibilities that will keep everyone’s taste buds excited!

Home Movie Night:

You don’t need a fancy theater room or big screen to create a fun movie night for the kids. We love making a giant nest of blankets on the living room floor and all lay there together. Throw in some bowls of popcorn, movie theater boxes of candy and your kids will feel like it’s a special night at home!

Game night Activities:

Game nights are perfect for all ages. Whether you have toddlers who you are playing UNO with or middle school aged kids who are into Monopoly, everyone can find a game. Lots of laughs, time together and teamwork. Post bedtime, my husband and I love to keep the games going with poker and Cards Against Humanity.

Dance party:

I ordered a giant box of glow sticks on Amazon and the kids are loving them! We turn off all the nights, hand out tons of glow sticks, turn up the music and it’s an instant dance club at our house.

Tea party:

Probably more so an activity for those with little girls, but still worth adding to the list. A girlie set up with flowers, treats and tea can make any afternoon a delight. My daughter and I love dressing up fancy for our tea parties at home.

I hope some of these new ideas regenerate your family fun at home! Let me know which ones you try and if you have other suggestions that you’ve been doing with your family!

Photo Credit :: Amy McLaughlin Photography


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