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The Real Truth About Raccoon Home Invasion, Chem-Free Pest and Lawn – Picture this….

You stumble into the kitchen to pour that much-needed cup of coffee before the kids storm the kitchen. As you pass the back patio window, you notice last night’s take-out strung about across your backyard.

I can’t be the only one to experience this beauty of a wake up call.

Nothing shakes you into alertness more than picking up torn-up bits of trash before your caffeine high. I’d honestly rather have my toddler peel my eyelids back before I’d prefer to pick up trash before that hot cup of Joe.

There is real truth to a parent saying, “but first, coffee.” 

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The ugly truth is, most homeowners are inadvertently inviting pests onto their property. Critters come looking for food, water and shelter. And in my late night hustle of getting kids bathed, brushed, and in bed, I stuck the trash from our take-out on the back porch, promising myself I’d lug it all the way to the trash can later.

And after all the bedtime battles, that just never happened.

So, here I am, picking up chewed up bits from a raccoon, no doubt. And I’ve just trained them to come back checking to see if my parenting battles lead me to forgetting to lock up the trash yet again.

Man, that raccoon knows me all too well.

Common pests this winter

The most common pests Austinites typically run into this time of year are mice, rats, raccoons and squirrels. The things that makes me really uneasy about these little nibblers is that most of them can bring parasites, such as fleas and ticks, into your home as well, as making a giant mess. The larger furry creatures, like raccoons and squirrels, can tear off shingles and knock over trash cans to meet those basic needs. The bigger the pests, the more damage they can do. I’ve seen first hand how strong a hungry raccoon can be!

The best course of action in prevention is to make your home unattractive to them with three Rs.

Repair or replace broken screens

Remove or seal off trash

Repair leaks that can provide a water source

Trapping and relocation

The simple fact is wildlife removal is not a DIY kind of job. Trapping wild animals poses risks to homeowners, especially to young children and pets that can accidentally come in contact with the traps.

For this reasons, it’s far better to hire an experienced professional who can handle the job.

Chem-Free Pest and Lawn specializes in humanly trapping the larger breeds of wildlife, such as squirrels, raccoons and opossums; and relocating rodents to a natural habitat. After relocating, Chem-Free will seal entry points to prevent further damage to your property. These professionals will also remove any droppings and disinfect the area to prevent the spread of disease. As well as, provide other preventive measures to keep critters away, ensuring that other animals don’t decide to invade your property in the future.

Contact Chem-Free Pest and Lawn for your free inspection, and to learn more about how they can tailor an organic treatment plan to fit your specialized needs.


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