Pregnancy can be so isolating. Pregnancy during a pandemic is on a whole different level. A usually exciting time spent celebrating with loved ones is really shaken up when your partner can’t even attend appointments with you. Navigating the ever-changing new guidelines is difficult for everyone involved, but luckily we have a year of adapting under our belts. Here are a few ways to help your partner (or friend, or family members!) stay connected during your pandemic pregnancy.

Belly Rubs (and feet, and back, and…)-

Ok, so maybe this is a little self-serving. Not only do your sore ligaments get some lovin’, but it’s a way for your partner to connect with your new baby and your growing body. Nothing beats being pampered while your lovey is feeling all those new baby kicks and twists.

Play with Baby-

Even if you just carve out a few minutes each night when you climb into bed, interacting with baby as a couple is so important. Talk to baby about how your day went, read, sing or dance together. It may seem silly at first, but these tiny moments make such lasting memories—and baby will most likely recognize your voices when they arrive!

Taking Classes-

Even if this isn’t your first rodeo, it’s always a good idea to brush up on the birthing basics. There are so many options tailored to your family’s birth values and goals, and with endless virtual options, fitting classes into your busy schedules is easier than before. My husband and I have been working our way through an 8 week session and we look forward to our “date night” every week. We tuck our toddler in, order our favorite takeout, and dive into the next chapter of our journey together.

Give Them the Registry Reigns-

GULP. This was difficult for me. I’ll admit, I’m a control freak. Add pregnancy hormones and pandemic stress and I was desperate for anything that made me feel like I was in the driver’s seat. So what if the pacifiers don’t compliment the blinds in our bedroom? Giving Dad access to the registry was a *fun* way to prepare for our little one, and I swear he has no idea I removed that requested margarita machine.

FaceTime to the Rescue- 

I was hopeful in the beginning. We found out we were expecting in August, and although strict guidelines were already in place, we truly thought they’d be lifted along the way. Here we are with just a few weeks left and I’ve gone to every appointment and scan solo. This has been especially difficult for my husband, who didn’t miss a (heart)beat or appointment with our first little guy. Most offices are allowing and encouraging you to bust out your phones to record heartbeats or FaceTime your loved ones. Take advantage of that, because unfortunately, it’s the best we have right now. It’s definitely not the same, but it helps!

Congratulations, mama. YOU are a rockstar. I hope you find comfort and connection during this really unique time.

Photography Credit :: Lynn Walker

Ali Tierney
Ali is a lover of boybands, cheese, and a good leather jacket (not always in that order). Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, she left her career as a radio personality to move to Texas with the love of her life, Ed. Since moving to Austin, she became a wife, mama to two sweet little boys, and author of "B is for Boy Bands." She loves salsa dancing, nail salons that serve champagne, and has an Mmmbop tattoo. You can check out her book on Instagram @bisforboybands


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