Hello everyone, I’m TeAnna Williams! First, I would like to say that Im so excited to be apart of the Austin Moms family. I cannot believe I was chosen to be on this incredible team! What a great way to start my new journey here in central Texas.

Well… to share a little about me, TeAnna Williams. I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas but became a Texan at the age of seven. Most of my time living in the Lone Star State has been in North Texas. Round Rock means a lot to me because it is where my husband and I had our first official date. How crazy is it that we took a step of faith and moved here from Plano, TX, with our four-month-old daughter Joella and our three-year-old dog Athena? It was like God showed us ahead of time our future home will be in Round Rock even before we even knew each other’s last names, but ATX is where we hopefully will be rooted.

My husband Brice and I have been married for almost five years, and we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world on the fifth day of October. We never thought I would be able to get pregnant, and we kind of gave up the desire for children, but God kept His promise toward us. Yes, my first child is a pandemic baby, but it will always be a fantastic story to tell my future grandkids. Now that I have had a few months of experiencing the beauty of being motherhood. I cannot see myself going back into teaching early childhood education. I love being a mother, and it is the most important and rewarding job.

TeAnna Williams

I know that I’m going to enjoy sharing my journey of being a first-time mom in a new city with the community on Austin Moms. I truly hope to inspire a few mommies and glean from others. But besides writing, I like listening to my husband tell me about loving and unique things that happen while he is working at the hospital, DIYing home decor items that I find in nontraditional places, dressing up my daughter for every major and minor holiday, and baking ( even though I’m not that good at it ).

I will never forget the wonderful memories of north Texas, and Arkansas will always have a special place in my heart, but  Living in the Austin area will be a great adventure. I cannot wait until I explore the beautiful nature trails with my dog, eat tons of yummy tacos with my handsome hubby ( tacos are my favorite ), take my daughter to the best play places, and make some awesome new mom friends. Shoot… I might even enroll in a couple of classes at UT. Whatever I do, I will do it well and with joy because 2021 and the years to come are essential. I want to leave a legacy for my daughter and my daughter’s daughter, and I’m ready to share my life with the world.

TeAnna was born an Arkansan but became a Texan at the age of seven. She studied at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas, and met her husband there. She is a first-time mother to her beautiful baby girl Joella and a long-time dog mommy to Athena, a blue heeler. Recently, she and her family moved from North Texas to Central Texas to start a new journey In life. TeAnna previously worked as an early childhood educator, but now she is enjoying the beauty of being a stay mom mother.


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