Hello, my name is Belinda Mays and I am the mom of 3 opinionated and strong willed kiddos whom I have affectionately dubbed them the “A Team”.

Belinda Mays

Adrielle, the leader of the team, is my wise middle schooler who loves politics and Marvel. Since the pandemic, she has learned to sneak downstairs on school nights to watch late night TV with her Granny.

The second in command is Austyn, my fearless independent first grader who loves climbing trees and learning about animals. While frantically facilitating her online schooling, I have learned that she hates writing and prefers not to read anything that doesn’t have a unicorn on the cover. Never mind her mother is a CHILDREN’S BOOK AUTHOR!

Finally, there is Alexander, my expressive and totally inappropriate preschooler who loves macaroni and superheroes. He is not impressed with my 20-year IT career and often yells “Boring!” during my phone calls and Zoom meetings.

Belinda Mays

My mother, Joyce, the other half of the late-night crew, has been living with us since 2017. She often helps the “A Team” skirt rules and promotes anarchy like candy for breakfast and playing hooky from online school.

Rounding out our family of 6 is my husband, Anthony, who handsomely stands a foot taller than me but never makes me feel looked down upon. Together, we ride the wave of organize chaos as we live out our family’s mission to be “health conscious, fiscally responsible, civically engaged and spiritually driven”.

Anthony and I met on the campus of Huston-Tillotson our freshman year and were practically newlyweds when we left Austin back in 2006. Since then, we crisscrossed the state of Texas from Dallas-Fort Worth, down to Houston, and returned to Austin last year as a family of six.

Belinda Mays

It feels good to reunite with so many people that poured into us both individually and as a couple. I look forward to getting reacquainted with the Austin community and sharing my experience as a working parent and caregiver.

~Belinda Mays

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