My vision of being a mom pre-parenthood was dreamy, helpful-extended-family-filled, like my childhood, and not a single tantrum I didn’t know exactly what to do with. Fast forward ten years, three kids, three dogs, and a parrot later, and I wish I could talk to my 26-year-old, new mom self and tell her she was doing a great job, no need for self-doubt. Oh, and I’d send her to therapy and tell her that establishing boundaries, not overdoing it, and a little genuine self-confidence would be exactly what she needed to have the bond with herself and with her kids that she really wants. And deserves.

Mandy Heintzelman Smith
Mandy Heintzelman Smith and family

I’d tell her to trust herself more because she actually knew so much about what she and her babies needed, way more than some strict nap schedule from Mommy and Me.

I wish I could tell her that parts of motherhood do feel lonely sometimes, even with proper support, and that she is deserving of wellness and balance, and no one can give it to her if she doesn’t claim it for herself and know, really know, that she is worthy of it.

Mandy Heintzelman Smith

Catch up to the present day, and I can see I’ve evolved so much in my motherhood journey and have become a person who not only takes excellent care of her family but who takes care of herself, full circle. I’m fulfilled in knowing I can be a mom who is also a writer, comedian, actress, and podcast host and for me, nurturing my creative side keeps me living fully and true to myself. I know now that if I’m going to teach my 4, 7, and 10-year-old how to really live into their magic and who they are, I have to show up as fully myself: a well-rounded mommy who remembers she is also an individual.

I’m Mandy Heintzelman Smith, and you can find me on my blog, Polite As Fudge, as well as doing sketch comedy with Mashley. I also love to keep it silly and vulnerable on my Instagram, @politeasfudge. I’m about to enter my third Austin summer, and I have convinced myself I like the humidity because it’s my tropical oasis that keeps my skin glowy and fresh. I’m an avid jogger, I miss F45, and my tag line on my IG may or may not be “if you’re happy and you know it bring me wine” (clap, clap).

Cabernet, and in moderation, obv.

My husband, Matt, and I moved to Austin from Los Angeles for a change of pace, more family time, more space, and for the amazing schools. What we found were lifelong friends, a city we love, and a new passion and career for me. 


Mandy Heintzelman Smith

Mandy Heintzelman Smith

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I'm a writer, comedian, and actress who came into the last two by way of motherhood. I believe we're meant to show up as 'all of ourselves and for me, it took me forgetting myself to finally get back to being all of myself. I have three amazing kids, Scarlet (10), Sterling (7), and Shepherd (4), and my husband Matt and I moved from Los Angeles to Austin almost three years ago to give them a wild and free childhood. And to avoid paying for LA Private school (best choice!) I fell into comedy here, and now co-host "Funny Girl's Guide" on Apple Podcasts, and have hosted guests like Chelsea Handler, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Iliza Shlesinger. I also have a comedic lifestyle blog, Polite As Fudge, but my number one job is to listen to stories about Roblox I don't understand. I'm here for it all, working on being more present, and oh yeah, I have two German Shepherds, a geriatric Sheltie, and a parrot.


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