I begin each week with the “Sunday crazies,” a term my husband and I jokingly use to describe the chaos I place on myself (and family) before the beginning of each week. Here to tackling the difference between what is urgent and what is important.

To set the weekly scene, it’s Sunday afternoon, laundry is piled in baskets waiting to be folded, groceries are being purchased (truthfully more like ordered through an app and picked up), our children are having fun playing, the dog is anxiously awaiting a walk, and my husband is trying to enjoy some well-deserved downtime before another busy week.

Our home is buzzing with activity, and I’m in the corner planning profusely, going over every detail of our schedules, and over-analyzing things!

When I’m feeling anxious, I overthink and over-plan as though my life depends on it.

  • Work commutes
  • Weeknight dinners
  • Swimming lessons
  • Occasional meetings (for husband and I) to pursue our personal goals
  • Conflicts with our regular weeknight activities
  • Fitting in workouts (when possible)
  • Free time

When planning ahead, I tend to not leave room real-life moments, un-prepped dinners, un-expected traffic, sickness of our littles, and lack of sleep in trying to get all the things done — you get the gist

At some point, I break down and ask out loud, “how am I going to get all of this done?” Is there a way to somehow balance all of this?

Are you like me? Do you often dream of starting a week planned, hoping things go perfectly? Do you envision care-free time with your family, time to pursue your passions, and time to breath?

How do you define the difference between what is urgent and what is important?

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After giving urgent versus important some thought it requires establishing boundaries and being intentional with a few steps:

  1. Stopping the busyness—Consider what’s urgent versus what’s important. Allow downtime instead of trying to fill each moment with tasks.
  2. Being present for what matters most—See things as they are versus how you want them to be. At the end of the day, what matters most to me is quality time with my family.  
  3. Revisiting personal expectations—End the perfection cycle by giving yourself grace. If you have a few things left on your list, revisit the list tomorrow.
  4. Delegating or removing items from your lists–Do you have to do everything today? Could you share some of the responsibilities to reduce overwhelm?  
  5. Prioritizing self-care–When you’re less stressed you’re less reactive. Do something that provides a break from your normal routine activity.

The overall goal is to not feel like a victim in defining the difference between what is urgent versus what is important. You get to choose. The first step is being aware of your reactions in the moment. The balancing act is a marathon not a sprint. It will take some intention to find what works for you.

I break the cycle by giving myself grace, and sometimes I still need encouragement. In the end, my husband talked me off the ledge, and I went for a run, which ended the “Sunday crazies.”

Jaime Germany Terry is a native “New Mexican,” who moved to Dallas, Texas area to pursue an undergraduate degree. While visiting her closest friend during Graduate school spring break, she proclaimed Austin felt like her childhood home! After finishing her MBA, she relocated to Austin. She is the wife to Aaron, and mommy of two precious little beauties nicknamed: Miss Effervescent and Miss Vibrant. She lovingly refers to her daughters as her “littles.” Initially as a busy wife and mom she became reactive, trying to do it all perfectly. Now as a recovering perfectionist, she’s discovered a way to be responsive and intentional as a wife, mom, and professional. In 2018 she became a Certified Professional Coach with a goal to assist women in finding personal fulfillment while moving their goals forward. She loves listening to audiobooks, podcasts, traveling, and visiting wineries in the Hill Country, and spending time with her family and friends.


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