At Barton Hill Farms’ Austin Spring Festival (April 17 — May 31), visitors can cut blooms galore in their U-Pick Flower Fields, from sunflowers to zinnias to cosmos. But when you get that bouquet home, how can you make it last for as long as possible?

Freshly cut flowers are a joy that brighten up your home and bring the outdoors in. And when you get the kids involved in the picking, flowers can get them excited about nature and how things grow! Get tickets for flower picking and more than 30 outdoor activities today!

1. Trim Your Stems

Before those pretty blooms go into a vase, give the stems a trim. Over time, stems will build up a film on the bottom that can prevent water and nutrients from making their way in. 

Using sharp shears, trim the stems of your flowers at a 45-degree angle. If you trim them straight across, they’ll sit flat on the bottom of the vase and won’t be able to soak up that water. Give the stems a fresh trim every other day or so to keep the flowers well-hydrated.

2. Change the Water Often

As your flowers sit in the vase, they can breed bacteria that will shorten their lifespan. Empty and refill your vase with lukewarm water every day or every other day to prevent it from getting mucky (ew) and keep those petals perky.

3. Give Them Something to Eat

If your flowers came from the florist or grocery store, they’ll probably have a packet of flower food with them. These packets usually include sugar for food, acid to offset the alkalinity of the flowers and keep the water’s pH in balance, and bleach to prevent bacteria. 

If you cut your flowers yourself in the backyard or at the Barton Hill Farms Austin Spring Festival, you can make your own flower food with items you have around the house. 

Here’s the recipe: 

  • 2 T lemon juice
  • 1 T sugar
  • ½ T bleach

Mix it all together and add it to a liter of water for longer-laster blooms.

4. Location Counts!

Certain conditions are better for the longevity of your flowers than others. To start, keep them out of direct sunlight. The very thing that makes them thrive when they’re growing can make them wilt after they’ve been cut.

Also avoid drafts from fans or open windows, which can dry them out and make them drop petals. Finally, try to keep them away from a countertop fruit basket. Fruit emits ethylene as it ripens, and it can age your flowers prematurely.

5. Refrigerate Overnight

How do florists keep their bouquets looking fresh? They keep them in walk-in refrigerators until delivery time. 

Take a page out of their book by tucking your arrangement into the refrigerator overnight. The cool temp will slow down their wilting and let you enjoy them for even longer.

Life is Better on the Farm!

Spend a day at Barton Hill Farms in Bastrop to escape the city and get back to the basics. Cut a bouquet in the U-Pick Flower Fields and test these tips to see how long you can keep your flowers looking fresh

There will also be daily entertainment, live music, plenty of fun and games, a shady biergarten and a delicious assortment of food like chicken tenders, pizza, and 100% all-natural beef burgers. 

Start your adventure on the farm!


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