Hello Love! It’s the time of year when high school seniors begin receiving their college-bound acceptance letters. This is the year for my Senior to determine what she wants her future to resemble. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I am a basket case right now. I am all in my feelings. My oldest Cheetah has the possibility of leaving the nest for college. 

Honestly, it’s terrifying for me to have an almost adult. So many thoughts often run through my head. Did I teach her enough? Did I show her enough love and support? Was I the best mom I could be for her? Maybe you have had similar thoughts as well. I am trying my best to work through all of my thoughts and fears. It has not been an easy feat.

Leaving the Nest

I love the fact that she is making her own path. Before even considering college, she knew she loved all things art. She taught herself how to paint and draw. She became good at it. Once she mastered drawing, she wanted to learn digital art. So again, she taught herself. In 2020, at only 17, she signed her first contract to become a published illustrator. She is now illustrating her second children’s book.

Publishing her first book was an ah-ha moment for me. I did something right! I wanted to be the mom that was supportive and nurturing. I wanted to be the mom that I so desired to have in my life. As of today, she has decided to attend school locally. I do know there is always the possibility she will change her mind. I do not know how I will process the moment she says, “Mom, I am leaving.” I may pass out, throw a tantrum, cry many tears, or all of the above. My emotions will continue to be a roller coaster. Is it a crime for me to expect that she may very well change her mind on the fly the next sooner than I’d hoped?

Leaving the Nest

No matter what she decides, I will continue to be the loving, supportive mom. I’ll do my best to not be overbearing. We’ve had multiple conversations. She knows it is okay to make the decisions she feels will help her progress in her future career (no matter my insecurities).

Leaving the Nest

Moms who have been there, done that…Here is where I am reaching out to you. What was your experience with your college-bound kiddo? How did you balance your feelings and not let them stand in the way of wanting what is best for your college-bound student?


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