Wine lovers everywhere, rejoice! Today is officially National Wine Day in the US (although I’m sure some moms out there are like, isn’t every day national wine day?!?). Whether you are a casual wine drinker or a wine aficionado, take some time today to have a sip (or a glass) of your favorite varietal.

National Wine Day

This glorious beverage is one of the oldest alcohol-based drinks in the world, with archaeological evidence of wine being made from grapes thousands and thousands of years ago (specifically in China around 7000 BC). For me personally, it took years to appreciate wine—I remember trying to give it a go while studying abroad one semester in Italy, but my 19-year-old self didn’t quite have the refined palate (or let’s be real, the budget!) to truly appreciate and enjoy fine wine.

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But wine is so special to me now and has been part of my life experiences both low-key (like the glass of white wine we had with fish earlier this week for dinner) and absolutely epic (having a bottle of Chandon sparkling pinot noir for the first time while on our honeymoon in Sydney, Australia). I know there are an extraordinary number of wine varietals, brands and ways of making wine but instead of making brand specific recommendations, let’s talk about the four main categories most people associate with wine—white, red, rosé and sparkling.

White Wine

White wines pair well with almost any food you can imagine and is just delightful on those unbearably hot summer Texas days. There are tons of white wines out there, but my favorites include sauvignon blanc, Sancerre and albariño.

Red Wine

I have a sort of complicated relationship with red wine. On the one hand, reds are known for their incredible depth and complex flavors. On the other hand, reds that are heavy in tannins are intolerable to some people (myself included!). Within the red family, my favorites tend to be a light pinot noir and a Texas tempranillo.

Rosé Wine

There’s a reason why the phrase “Rosé all day” is a mainstay in pop culture lexicon—it’s the perfect beverage for brunch, lunch or dinner! There have been lots of creative spin-offs to rosé but one of my favorites has to be frosé, a delicious slushy version that’s wonderful on a hot summer day.

Sparkling Wine

There is no sound that better signifies the start of a celebration than the pop of a champagne cork!  The beverage of choice for many special moments, sparkling wine can be enjoyed at any budget. I find that prosecco or cava are great in mixed drinks (like a mimosa or bellini), but I will reserve French champagne on its own for extra special occasions.

In addition to National Wine Day, today also happens to be my wedding anniversary! Our tradition every single year on this day is to pop a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and watch our wedding video in its entirety, so that’s exactly what we’ll be doing tonight. However you choose to celebrate this day, I raise a glass to each and every one of you and say cheers—enjoy!



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