During this past year and a half my beauty/makeup regiment has morphed a lot. First I went into a completely non-makeup mode, I mean we weren’t going anywhere anyway right? Clothes were exchanged for day old sweats, washing your hair went down on the list of necessary things for the day, and a three day old messy bun became normal. And putting on makeup…. well, for a girl who LOVES makeup, I just completely stopped. It was definitely a refreshing change for my face, my complexion surely appreciated it. I began to focus on cleaning and exfoliating for a natural look instead of my normal out and about makeup routine. Now that the winds have began shifting back to this new version of normal, and I have picked up a few new beauty favorites to add to my routine, and that’s what I want to share with you.


1. Black Twist Stick by MoodMatcher I love lipstick. Let me say that again…. I LOVE lipstick! Swiping your lips with a bright red color for a night on the town makes you feel glamorous. Putting on a mauve, matte color can brighten an otherwise neutral look for daytime brunching. And I love a good bright pink lipstick, when you are feeling extra bubbly. Colored chapstick, matte lipstain, a glossy shine, I love them all! But lipstick and masks do not get along. I can’t tell you the amount of masks that vhave permanently stained with wonderful shades of lipsticks over the past year and a half. Last fall I stumbled across this incredible product line by MoodMatcher. They have tons of great options but I have a special love for the Black Twist Stick. They created a unique formula that is designed to change color instantly and works with your natural body chemistry to create a totally customized shade that’s just for you. It feels odd at first rubbing a black crayon looking stick across your lips, but it has been my best and favorite color! And it feels like a swipe of chapstick. They claim it holds for up to 12 hours, which I haven’t timed myself, but it definitely feels like it maintains color on my lips all day. And it is mask proof!! No smudging, no lipstick stained masks, or color smears on your face or teeth. It’s the top product I have added to my daily beauty routine.  Whether I am in the house, on zoom work calls, or out for the day, it’s a must have product for me. You can check out all their line of mood matching products at www.moodmatcher.com

2. Pure Sol Derma Roller The second item I have added to my beauty routine is the Micro-needling Derma Roller by Pure Sol. There are a lot of these derma-roller type products on the market, but this particular one has been my favorite. I bought one for myself, and loved it so much I placed another order for ones for my Mother and Mother-in-law! The roller is filled with tiny stainless steel needles, I know that sounds scary, ha, but you roll it lightly across your skin prior to putting on your night cream, lotion, or any other face products you use. The needles help open up your pores so when you add the creams and lotions after, they are more easily soaked into the skin, resulting in a healthier, glowing skin overall. It does take some getting used to, like figuring out the pressure to use based on how sensitive your skin is. I use it 1-2 times a week, my face feels overall fresher and my pores feel exfoliated and cleaned out the next morning. I highly recommend adding a derma roller to your beauty routine, and this one from Pur Sol is a 10 out of 10 for me. Check out their line of simple and affordable products at www.puresolbeauty.com

3. Dead Sea Mud Mask by New York Biology

This mud mask was given to me as a gift this past Christmas, and I absolutely love it! I have used other scrubs and mud masks in the past, but none have given my skin the revitalized feeling this particular mud mask does. Composed of mud minerals from the Dead Sea, and added oils like sunflower seed and jojoba, give this mask a step up from the rest. I use it once a week while I am soaking in the tub and I feel like I have just been to the spa! It takes about 10 minutes to dry/harden and then I gently remove with a soft facial wash cloth. It cleans and exfoliates pores and literally leaves my face feeling lighter and more airy. This is definitely a product that I will be refilling once my current tub is empty! This product is sold on multiple sites, like Amazon and Target, or you can check it out and their other products at www.NewYorkBiology.com

4. D:FI Extreme Hold Styling Cream

The last product I am loving right now actually isn’t for me, it’s for the boys in my crew. My two sons and my hubby all have the same hairstyle, short on the sides with a cute little faux-hawk down the middle. Dad has had this haircut for as long as I can remember, and my two boys want to be just like dad so…. same hair cut it is! We have wasted so much money over the years trying different styling hair creams to hold the faux-hawk all day long. Some are too chunky and leave that awful looking paste in their hair. Some are so creamy they can’t hold the hair up for any longer than an hour or two. After all the searching we have finally found the perfect hair cream that we are sticking with for the long haul. It’s D:FI Extreme Hold Styling Cream! It has the perfect consistency of sticky, yet smooth, a strong hold without looking chunky on the hair. We can use the smallest pinch to maintain a strong faux-hawk on those boy heads of mine! My two little men are only 4 and 2, and love their “tall hair” as they call it. This product can last all day at preschool while they run around on the playground and play with their friends. And ladies, you can rock this product if you have a cute haircut that calls for some sort of cream or gel. It can also be used to tame those crazy fly aways on a hot humid Texas day. The easiest place to order this product is on Amazon with 2 day prime shipping!

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These are the go-to products being used in my household right now. As I am getting older I have started to focus more on my complexion and hydrating and taking care of my skin. We only get one life and one chance with the body we have. I want to look back one day and know that I took the necessary steps to taking care of my self. Mind, Body, and Soul. Let me know if you try any of these and what you think! I’d love to hear other mamas experiences with the products that I love!

Tahlia is a south Austin native, and mother of 3 and counting. She is an actress and a dancer and loves to perform on stage and in front of the camera. Her and her husband own a production company here in Austin called BrighterMoon Entertainment, and they produce and distribute narrative film content. Tahlia's biggest fear is boredom, so her favorite thing to do at the beginning of the month is fill up the calendar with fun activities. She is the ultimate pinterest mom who loves to throw big, extravagant birthday parties for her kids, host play dates, and plan holiday events for friends and family. She runs on coffee in the morning and wine at night, and loves to relax by watching an episode of The Great British Baking Show! You can find more of Tahlia at TheMomHost.com.


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