Eurofins CRL Cosmetics Inc. is a clinical research organization in the Austin area that specializes in consumer product testing for the cosmetics and personal care products industry.

We test a wide variety of products, from cosmetics for men and women, hand sanitizers, to children’s products, such as baby wipes, shampoos, and bubble bath products.

Participants in our studies are compensated for their time and travel, with the amount varying based on the study.

  1. TestingTest Everyday Products

    All of our testing is for products that most people use on a regular basis. For our adult studies, these are products such as mascara, face wash, shampoo, and hand sanitizers. For our pediatric studies, these are products such as baby wipes, diapers, lotions, baby shampoos, and bubble bath products.Testing

  2. Low Risk

    Many of the products we test contain ingredients that are found in other products marketed in the US. Our cosmetics testing is largely end stage testing, meaning it is usually the last test/check before a product goes to the market.

  3. Quick and Easy

    Our studies are shorter, and easier, than most other studies you will find in the Austin area. Our studies range in length from 2-6 weeks, with the number of visits ranging from 2-15. Most of our visits last 30-45 minutes.

  4. Provide Feedback on Products

    By participating in our studies, you are able to give feedback to companies about the products you test. The companies can use this feedback to determine if they are ready to send the product to market, or if the product requires any reformulation.


  5. Board Certified Doctors

    A board certified pediatrician oversees all of our pediatric studies. The doctor performs evaluations to ensure that there is no visible irritation before, and after, using the product. We also have a board certified dermatologist and ophthalmologist that oversee some of our adult studies to make sure that there is no facial irritation or eye irritation before, and after, using the product.

You can visit our website at, email us at [email protected], or call us at 512-243-6426, to learn more. One of our recruiters would be happy to talk to you.

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