Safety comes in many forms depending on pre-Covid, during Covid and post-Covid or almost post-Covid. Yep, this is how I am measuring safety in travel. Whether you have already traveled this year or not, you must do some research on important items and protocols while traveling this summer. This could mean traveling via planes, trains or automobiles.

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First of all, depending on where you are heading, check out CDC Website to understand all protocols for different travel methods as well as from local city/town regulations within each state. Bookmark their site link because more and more locations are starting to open up. If you are vaccinated, have your card with you.

  1. MASKS | Yes, masks are still required to travel on planes, trains and any other public transportation. Make sure you have a few clean reusables ones and/or enough disposables masks handy for all family members. Some stores and restaurants are still requiring or suggesting patrons to wear masks.
  2. SANITIZER | Kids are always touching everything…even the older ones. So grab some spray sanitizer, Trader Joes has a good one I have used as well as small bottle of liquid sanitizer for each member of your family. Keep washing those hands thoroughly.
  3. SNACKS | Pack your own snacks. Make a quick run to the store to stock up before you travel. The less stops that you need to make the less exposure to you and your family. If traveling in your own car – grab that cooler and fill it up with water, fruit, etc. This is of course essential when traveling to the beach or lake as well.
  4. PORTABLE CHARGER | Each adult should take a portable charger and keep it charging until you leave for the trip. Of course, keep all electronics charging until you leave for best results when traveling. Most cars have usb plugs and of course airports as well however this causes less contact if at all possible. Also, this keeps you safe by ensuring you always have a charged phone. AND grab a water proof phone case if you are traveling to beach or water park!
  5. THERMOMETER WITH FIRST AID KIT | Take your thermometer with you. This is always a travel must when you have children. Thermometers are small and easy to stash in your toiletry bag. Or better yet, make a first aid kit with bandaids, children’s pain reliever and anti-septic wipes. I have a feeling most moms already have one of these handy to grab and go.
  6. ANTI-BACTERIAL WIPES | You can find these all over especially in smaller packets for easy travel. You can wipe down all areas before you sit or touch or only use them sparingly before the family begins to snack or eat.
  7. REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE | Exactly what you need when traveling via your own car or a rental and possible a train. However, as far as traveling via air, you cannot fill up your water bottle beforehand. I would suggest to take your water bottle then fill it up after checkpoint then it will more likely stay cool. Stay hydrated!
  8. PACKING CUBES | Make packing easier with a set of packing cubes. These are great! Use packing cubes in your luggage so that each family member (sans babies of course) can pull their own carry on sized suitcase for easy travel. Less hands touching you items (if you don’t have to check it) and you know it will get there at the same time as you arrive if you are flying!

A couple other safety suggestions when flying, try to fly during the week to avoid heavy crowds. Also, take a copy of your travel plans, tickets, etc that may be printed out or even make a  screenshot on your phone so that all bar codes, etc are easily accessible instead of scrolling through your emails. You can also make a travel folder in your email to easily find what you need.

Let us know if you have any favorite products in any of these above categories you are loving this summer.

What else are you doing to stay safe and healthy for Summer 2021?

Abigail Head
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