My Husband is Capable of Taking Care of the Home Too | My house is a mess, my daughter is teething while very clinging, the dog is driving me crazy with her random barking, and I still need to submit that paperwork for that important thing. There is so much that needs to been done and I do not have enough hours in a day to do it all.

I need a mommy break but who am I kidding that will never happen. It’s my job as the homemaker and helpmate to my husband to make sure everything in the home is in order. I’m superwoman! Wrong!!! I’m not superwoman and I cannot get everything done on my own but I do need a mommy break. Thank God for a wonderful husband (my Superman) who does not mind me taking a day out of the house to refresh but being a woman and a mommy my day away from my daughter, husband and the dog is not very refreshing.

Worry starts crashing down on me as soon as I pull out of the driveway. Will my husband know when to give the baby a bottle, does he know the dishwasher needs to be started and will he be able to take the dog out while holding the our daughter? Ugh … it sucks because I just want to enjoy my iced Carmel macchiato from Starbucks coffee while roaming around Target for more Cat and Jack clothes that my daughter does not need but all I can think about is my daughter possible is screaming her head off because she wants mommy and that my house might be in worse of a mess than it was before I left.

I did not recognize how great my husband was without me until I called him multiple times to check on everyone and everything and him telling me everything is fine. He is capable of managing the home without me. He is a multitasker. He can wash the clothes and put them away, feed the baby and put her down for a nap, give attention to the dog, and have pizza on the table for dinner. Shoot … he might even be better than me at taking care of the home. My man got this! I have to stop thinking that I’m the only person in my immediate family that can keep everything in order. My husband might not have the towels fold the way I do and he might have put the tupperware in the wrong cabinet but things are done and I can home and have some more relaxing time with the ones I love the most. I have to remember we are a team. I can not be a superwoman without being connected to my Superman.

I am very blessed and thankful for my husband and from now on when I get the opportunity to have alone out. I will enjoy my iced coffee and shopping at my favorite store for more throw pillows I do not need and trust that my husband is handling things back at home well. I will truly value my mommy break.


  1. TeAnna – I feel like we’re the same person! Thanks so much for writing the words that were on my heart and sharing them here with other Austin moms. Love, love, love this!

  2. I have went through this so many times! Thanks for sharing! I love the pictures of your hubby and your daughter such a pure family photos!!!


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