If your love for coffee is as strong as mine, you’ll understand why iced coffee is a thing.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Some days, a hot cup of the good stuff is a must. But on those days where the sun is beaming, the sweat is dripping and humidity is simply unbearable, iced coffee will save the day. If you’re not quite sure how to feel about iced coffee or you’re not totally in love with it, then maybe you had the wrong cup. All coffees are not the same so the key is to find the right cup for YOU. The possibilities of finding your favorite are endless.

Try flavored syrup or drink it with none at all. Do you need an extra boost? Add a shot of espresso! Light ice or heavy ice? You can get a coffee milkshake and choose what milk you want in it. Just remember that coffee is a gift but iced coffee is a dream. What better way to get your daily dose of caffeine and cool off your body from the summer heat at the same time?

There are many great places to grab a cold cup of coffee in the Austin area, but the coffee shops below receive great reviews from me and fellow coffee lovers. Here are our fav iced coffee spots in Austin!

  1. Dazzle Coffee
  2. Summer Moon
  3. Mozart’s Coffee Roasters
  4. Houndstooth Coffee
  5. Monkey Nest
  6. Epoch Coffee
  7. Jo’s Coffee
  8. Bennu Coffee
  9. PJ’s Coffee
  10. Cuvee Coffee Bar

Which coffee shop are you visiting first? If you don’t see your favorite coffee shop listed, let us know! Where do you like to go to get a cold cup of energy on ice?


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