August 11th is National Son and Daughter Day! Plan to celebrate and show your children that they are valued and appreciated.

The idea to celebrate sons and daughters started in the state of Missouri during the 1930’s after a child noticed that there was no holiday for kids. Mothers had Mother’s Day and Father’s had Father’s Day but there was no day set aside to recognize children.

Today, National Son and Daughter Day is celebrated annually on August 11th.

The family-centric holiday is a time for parents to slow down and spend quality time listening and loving on their most precious gifts. And while it is tradition to do something that the kids will enjoy, you don’t have to reenact the movie Yes Day to create some fun new memories.

Jump start their day by making them a special breakfast or surprise them and have breakfast for dinner. My kids can eat pancakes or pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but if you want to try something new, check out Betty Crocker’s list of the top kid requested meals.

If cooking is not your thing then head outdoors to the park for a picnic or take a hike on a one Austin’s kid friendly hiking trails.

There are plenty of things to do indoors as well. Avoid the late summer heat and setup a Karaoke party or family game night. If you prefer something more quiet and low key, then  just sit and listen. Encourage your kids to tell you about their day or their goals for the rest of the year. You could even get crafty and make vision boards like my oldest daughter and I do every year.

If you have multiples like me, be sure to celebrate what makes each child unique. My younger two love climbing trees and hunting bugs outdoors. While my oldest prefers to stay indoors reading and crafting. Their diverse personalities are what make them special so be sure to emphasize how each child adds flavor to your family.

Whether you have little kids, teens, or grown-ups make plans to celebrate your children this National Son and Daughter Day! Put your to do list aside and take time to reaffirm that they are your greatest gifts.



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