Being a work from home mom can be the greatest gift as well as the biggest struggle. The balancing act between making sure you stay on your boss’s good side and making sure your children are tended for can be difficult.

Luckily, I adapted to working from home 5 years prior to the COVID pandemic that shut down the world and sent majority of businesses into remote work life. Over my years of working from home and being a mom, I’ve found many benefits for myself and my family.

Work From Home

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Flexible hours: I mean this goes without saying. But until you really live this daily, you may not realize how much it helps. Avoiding an hour commute twice a day. Being able to do drop off and pick up in the school line. Scheduling doctors, dentists, and eye exams when it best fits YOUR schedule. Attending the school events like “Muffins with Mom” or the Thanksgiving feast. Fitting in a daily workout on the Peloton, a yoga class or a Camp Gladiator session. These are just some of the perks of managing your own schedule at home.

Mental minutes: I make it a point to make sure I give myself “mental minutes” every day throughout the work week. My “mental minutes” may be leaving my office to eat lunch in the backyard, might be taking the dog for a quick walk, or going out to grab the mail. These mental minutes help my body and mind reset. It’s easy to get locked in your office all day long without any reprieve for your mind. Schedule that 15-minute break in your Outlook schedule if necessary but make it a priority.

Household chores: Instead of leaving all the laundry until the weekend or dinner until after work hours, working from your house gives you the opportunity to fit in some of the chores. I find it easy to throw together a crock pot meal during my lunch break so that dinner is easy peasy at the end of the day. Or rotating loads of laundry through the machines to fold after bedtime instead of the weekend. The little things that lighten the load for those short hours we get to spend at night or the weekend with our kiddos make all the difference.

Saving money: I’ve noticed how much more money I save while working from home. I’m not spending money on Starbucks every morning or going out to lunch daily just to escape the office. My car has significantly less miles/wear and tear from not commuting and I’m not spending as much money on gas.

Work ethic: Most importantly to me, my kids see on the daily how hard I work. Being in my home office, they can physically see me working. I truly believe this has helped them grasp the concept of working to afford certain things and starting to develop a sense of work ethic.

What are some of the benefits you have seen in yourself or your family since you’ve switched to working from home?


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