Happy Fall Ya’ll! It’s pumpkin time! Yep, that’s me…shouting from the rooftops that fall is finally here (do you hear me Texas weather?!) and that means pumpkins!

I’m not talking about those big, sit-on-the porch, kind of pumpkins. I’m talking about the pretty little sugar pumpkins, the roasted seeds, colorful leaves, and all things fall.

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Did you know that pumpkins are healthy for you…like, really healthy! They are technically a fruit, since they have seeds, but nutritionally, they are more like a veggie.

Pumpkin is low in calories and nutrient dense. It’s very high in vitamin A and has vitamin C too, which boosts immunity (take that flu season) and it’s full of antioxidants which lower your risk of chronic disease. Pumpkin has loads of fiber and potassium, which have been linked to heart health and it’s packed with carotenoids, which are great for healthy skin.  You’re glowing!

So, now that we know why we should love pumpkin in the kitchen, let’s talk about all the yummy ways we can eat it, before the Christmas trees start showing up.  

Next time you are at the grocery store, grab can or two of pumpkin puree. This is NOT the same as pumpkin pie filling, skip that one! Or, if you feel like getting in the kitchen for some fun, why not grab a sugar or pie pumpkin to roast yourself?! It’s really easy! You can even get the kids involved for a little science in the kitchen. Play with the texture of the pumpkin “guts” and do a fun sink or float experiment to separate the seeds for roasting. Just don’t try to roast those really big, jack-o-latern pumpkins. That would be A LOT of work and they don’t have as much of the yummy flesh and the little, sugar pumpkins.  

Of course there are everyones favorite pumpkin recipes, like pumpkin bread, pumpkin Mac & cheese, and pumpkin pancakes. 

But why not try something else, like pumpkin cinnamon fruit dip (just mix some pumpkin puree with greek yogurt, maple syrup and cinnamon) or roasted pumpkin salad. And, we can’t forget to roast those delish pumpkin seeds! They are great sweet or savory.  

Because it is in the squash family, you can use pumpkin in any recipe that calls for most squash. Try subbing it in for butternut or acorn squash, or mix them all together for a yummy squash ratatouille!

It’s even good for your 4-legged friends. Check out these pumpkin dog treats, or just scoop some puree in their bowls for a treat.  It’s great if they have any tummy troubles too!

Photo Credit :: Noëlle Westcott Photography

Meg is a Michigan native who now loves life in Round Rock with her husband, kids and a dog. She has been working in the wellness industry for over a decade and is a certified holistic health coach, a fitness trainer, and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She also has additional training in pre- and post-natal fitness. She is the creator of Healthy Mom Wellness. Here, she guides families to nourish themselves and their children for optimum health and happiness (because you can’t be healthy and sad) and create life-long habits that bring the family together and carry on well into the future. Check it out at healthymomwellness.com


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