This fall, I want to be intentional about the items we have and what we bring into our home. That starts with decluttering and appreciating what we have now. 

Since going back to work 2 years ago, the clutter has consumed my home. My home is not Insta-worthy. That is not what I am trying to make it out to be. I want to make changes and make my home into the haven it once was for my family. 

I have the itch to remove things that are taking up space and pretty much driving me insane. My girls are older. As I look around my house, I see Funko pops, school items, art materials, and books galore; not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just feel there has to be some type of organization in my life

Many television shows promote the organization and decluttering process. The Home Edit and Marie Kondo have been among the most popular organizational shows of this year. I am all for cleaning and decluttering. I’m not sure if I can become an expert organizer or Patrice Kondo! 

As I begin decluttering my home, I don’t want to just jump right into it. I created a plan to help me along the way so that I don’t feel like I want to give up before I begin. 

Let’s Plan! 

Breathe:: It is easy to become frustrated, overwhelmed, and maybe even aggravated with the current state of your home. Create a plan. Determine which rooms you would like to tackle and prioritize those areas that you want to organize. 

Set goals:: Clutter is easy to spot and time-consuming to clean. Create a checklist for each room. Choose one room to begin organizing. You’ll feel accomplished when you start in one room versus working in all rooms at once. I want to focus on my family and spark joy.

What are your reasons for decluttering and making space in your home? 

Make a pledge:: Do not purchase new items before decluttering the old ones. You don’t want to add more. Adding more will only confuse and frustrate you even more. Keep it simple and begin with decluttering only. You can always purchase any needed items later. The object is to remove those things that no longer bring value to your life, not add chaos and confusion. 

Where to begin:: Use your checklist to decide on what you will declutter first. Take this time to determine what sparks joy in your life and what does not. You can break it down even further. After selecting the room, you can choose one area to make your focus. For example, I have decided to start in my oldest daughter’s room. We will focus on her closet first. You decide which room is best for you to begin sparking joy.

What to do with the clutter:: Many organizations would love to receive the items that you no longer have a use for in your home. There are known organizations in the Austin area that would love gently used items. The Salvation Army, homeless shelters, Foster Village, and battered women’s shelters. 

Make decluttering simple by removing those items that you no longer need or want in your life!


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