Vision boards are a great tool to help children set goals and visualize their success.

Every New Year’s Eve our dining room transforms into an artistic assemble of scissors, glue, and magazine clippings. Our family rings in the new year with a vision board party where each member of #teammays creates their unique board then presents it to the family.

Vision boards or dream boards are collages made from images or words to represent personal goals and dreams. They are used by many successful business leaders and celebrities from Beyonce to Warren Buffett.

Our family has adopted vision boards as part of annual New Year’s tradition. Here are three reasons why you should consider creating vision boards with your children this year.

1. Vision Boards Help Keep You Focused

Research shows that if you set a goal and write it down you are more likely to achieve it. Writing your goals down “plants the goal in your brain, and once it’s there, it sticks.”

Goal setting isn’t just for adults. It can benefit anyone who wants to learn something new or achieve a dream. That includes our children. And like most skills, the younger we start the more opportunities we have to grow and develop.

Creating a vision board is a great way for children to illustrate their goals. After we present our vision boards we place them somewhere visible in the house to ensure each person looks at them often. The vision boards serve as a visual compass providing constant direction toward our intended goal or outcome.

2. Vision Boards Build Self Confidence

Vision boards also help build self-confidence. Every goal that a child reaches helps them learn to believe in themselves. When children believe in their abilities to succeed, they are more likely to set new goals for the future. This builds a solid foundation for continuous improvement and fosters a growth mindset in children.

No one can give us more than our own individual consciousness can attract. That means if you can’t see it for yourself, chances are you won’t achieve it and vice versa. When our children create goals on their vision board they are proclaiming their success in advance. They are sowing seeds of belief and affirmation in themselves.

Even if they don’t fully achieve a desired goal, children should be encouraged to celebrate progress over perfection. It’s okay for the same goal to reappear on the next year’s vision board.

3. Vision Boards Create Accountability

Having each member of the family present their vision board promotes accountability. “When you share your goals with others, you are twice as likely to achieve them than if you keep the goals to yourself. ”

Presenting the boards also helps everyone learn about each member’s goals for the upcoming year. Knowing each other’s goals not only helps us hold each other accountable but it also allows us to support and cheer each other on toward success.

an example of a vision board

Creating vision boards with your children helps them learn how to set goals and work hard to achieve them. In today’s culture of instant success, vision boards promote values that build grit like determination, time management, and delayed gratification.

Working with your children to visualize and illustrate their success is an investment in a life skill that will pay dividends in the future. This year, set aside time to make vision boards with your family and help your kids build self confidence by staying focused and achieving their goals.


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