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As a mom to 3 school aged children, I know all too well the educational struggles that have presented themselves in the last couple of years. Between learning gaps, learning differences, a pandemic, staff shortages and everything in between, our family has had to rely heavily on tutoring services for the past year.

While I have my college degree, I was NOT prepared for 5th grade math. Can you believe they are already working on algebra??? My abilities in math expire around long division and multiplication.

There are so many incredible services at our fingertips that help propel our kids to the next level, but I’ve never quite seen a tutoring service as easy and convenient as GoPeer.

GoPeer Tutoring

GoPeer is a resource that allows families to connect with qualified college undergraduates who are available to tutor students. They integrate technology with a near­-peer education model to provide jobs to college students, logistical help to parents, and academic mentorship to students.

GoPeer TutoringHere are 6 super cool things about GoPeer’s tutoring services! 

  • 1:1 online tutoring experience with advanced classroom experiences built into the platform.
  • Verified and experienced tutors
  • Easy chat, interviews, and scheduling all in the app or online.
  • GoPeer uses advanced technology to connect you with the perfect match for your student using the parent’s specifications.
  • Over 150 subjects to choose from
  • You can have a tutor online with your child within 5-30 minutes of signing up, so if you are ready to get started, sign up and try it out.

Why Online Tutoring?

We were paired with several tutoring matches in a matter of minutes with the flexibility to choose tutoring for several days out OR like literally right then. One thing I have found with 3 kids going in 9 different directions is that we have zero time to waste. It has been amazing for my oldest to get off the bus and knock out his tutoring shortly after getting home. He walks in, gets hugs and snacks, and heads to do his work for about an hour!

Having the online tutoring option saves us so much precious time and allows me to work on homework with my other children. The tutor we were paired with was friendly, engaged, was knowledgeable and truly helped my oldest stay “tuned in” during the hour. Y’all, GoPeer is amazing!

Special Offer For Our Readers!

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