The Big Game is HERE! I have always loved the Super Bowl. The culmination of (now 17) weeks of hard-fought wins across the country in rain, shine, snow or dome. It’s a sporting event rivaled only by its halftime show viewership and “water cooler” conversations but it also presents an opportunity for folks to gather for some all-American fun on a cold Sunday in February.

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So, what are you serving up this Super Bowl Sunday?

Whether your gathering is big or small or your bringing something to join the party, you can keep it simple with a few of these must have munchies, just don’t forget the chips!

Queso: According to a recent poll, queso is the top dip of Texas. No surprise there. You can make your own from a variety of cheeses and peppers. Control the spice or wow everyone with dip topping options like brisket, seasoned ground beef, pico, or guacamole. The slow cooker is your friend for keeping that queso warm throughout the 5-hour event. So whether you’re making your own, or passing a jarred version off as your own, be sure you have a crockpot designated for the queso.

7 Layer Dip: This is in the “travels well” section of my recipe book. Grab your 9×13 baking or serving dish and get to stacking. This dip is layered to perfection starting with refried beans, you can use either pinto or black. Guacamole comes next and can be store bough tor home-made. Mix together your favorite taco seasoning and sour cream to add on the next layer. Spread a healthy layer of cheese next then top with black olives, yes even the pickiest of eaters may try an olive in this fan favorite. Finally get your greens on there in the form of green onions and or some cilantro.

Feeling adventurous? Try this decadent Hot Crab Dip and make it ahead for easy warming between quarters.

If you’re hosting the gathering and looking to make a Pinterest worthy Super Bowl spread, you first need to head to Home Goods and get your matching serving platters… Just kidding, no one will notice the décor when the food looks delicious. Be sure you have a good balance of options for your guests. I love a good fruit kabob, easy to make tons, looks adorable, and fun to eat for all ages without the need of plate. You can also put out a quick charcuterie, just mind the soft cheese by halftime, or a veggie platter with a fun dip challenge for your guests.

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Some of my favorite As for the main course, let that slow cooker be your friend and get a pork butt or shoulder seasoned for a crowd pleasing BBQ pulled pork that won’t keep you in the kitchen all day. For the vegetarians in your crew, keep the theme going with these fun Carrot Hot Dogs. To round it out, you can keep all your guests happy, even the Keto ones, with the comfort of Cauliflower Mac & Cheese.

If you are more into sharable staples and don’t care how your food photographs, you can shop for and whip up some of my favorite game day staples. I love a good stuffed jalepeno and they bring a little heat to the lineup. You can stuff with cream cheese or sausage, wrap with bacon and bake at 400 until crispy. Nachos are always easy and you can set up a fun nacho bar for your guests to make their own. It wouldn’t be a football food gathering without chicken wings for me.  What’s awesome is your local grocery store has done the marinating work for you! All you have to do is heat an eat. Another option, is to use that Instapot to get perfectly cooked BBQ Chicken Wings and change up your sauces to bring variety to this football fan favorite. Be sure to snag some celery, ranch and blue cheese to round out the snacking.

Thinking of calling in an audible for Game time? Well, you can get to ordering. Many local pizza restaurants allow for advance ordering for the big day and can accommodate large crowds. You can even request pizzas to be cut in squares for easier grab and go munching and keep a stash warm to put out throughout the game. Additionally, Austin favorite Mandola’s has multiple locations and family-sized entrees to feed a large group. You can grab a lasagna for a crowd and order other appetizers a la cart.

Now that you have a few options, head to the store with some patience and whip up what compliments your Big Game day vibe. I’ll be sure the queso is ready to go for game time!

Born in New Hampshire and raised in Florida, Rachel got to Texas as quickly as she could. She has spent the last 20 years in this amazing city as a student, wife, mother, friend and professional. She met her husband, Jonathan, here in Austin and the two share all things Longhorns, as well as a love of football, traveling, and being amateur foodies. When not carpooling the social butterfly, Claire, or watching the world through the eyes of a toddler, Diana, you can find Rachel researching, planning, and booking their next travel adventure. She is an unapologetic Patriots fan and a firm believer in self-care; eat clean, train dirty, and never under estimate the power of a fresh mani/pedi.


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