Moms, if you haven’t had a kid-free vacation in a while, it’s time!

The best part of my recent 9 day vacation was spending 4 days in Florida without the kids. And after working from home and facilitating school this past year and a half, I needed the break. My husband needed the break and apparently, so did my mother.

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My husband and I used to take an annual kid-free vacation every summer but after my Dad passed in 2013, we opted for family road trips. While I encourage families to travel with their kids, we were long overdue for a parents getaway.

It took a bit of coordination, but some friends graciously agreed to keep all three kids and another great friend agreed to check in on my mother. After taking care of the logistics we were able to relax.

We flew to Tampa, Florida and even the airport check in felt liberating. I had one carry-on bag and a purse versus juggling diaper bags, snacks, and passports for the kids. We got to sleep in and wake up to beautiful picturesque views overlooking Tampa Bay instead of waking up to a knee in my side or mysterious wet puddle.

My husband and I were able to spend time reconnecting. We rented a beautiful navy blue drop top Mercedes Benz through Turo and drove all over the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater area. Every night we went on a date to a different restaurant. Our favorite spot was the M.Bird rooftop lounge. They have spectacular waterfront view, tropical cocktails and flavorful small plates like the spiced tuna nachos.

Traveling without kids also helped me relinquish control. I knew my kids were safe so I was able to let go of that constant responsibility and give them the opportunity to foster their own since of independence. Sure, they ate cake for dinner one night but I also went to happy hour every day so I guess that’s fair.

I even relinquished control of the daily schedule. We woke up every day with no plans or appointments, yet we still managed to get in a round of golf for him and a day of jet skiing alongside the dolphins for me.

Even my 79 year old mother, who lives with us also got a chance to relax and get out of the house. When my friend called to check on her she childishly asked, “Are you my babysitter? Then come pick me up!” They went to get her favorite vegan pineapple and spinach smoothie.

We enjoyed our parents getaway to Florida. It allowed us to relax, reconnect, and relinquish control of our kids and my mother to great friends. They are the real MVPs and they allowed us to let loose in Tampa so that we could come back with refilled buckets to pour back into our children.

Photo Credit :: Allison Turnpen Photography


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