Happy International Women’s Day!

In the words of the great Beyonce “Who runs the world? Girls!”

While all of March is dedicated to Women’s History Month, March 8th, is International Women’s Day–a day to celebrate social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women all over the world. Celebrate the holiday first and foremost by reaching out directly to the women in your life. Tell them you love them, are grateful for them, and that you see, acknowledge and are proud of their achievements and contributions. 

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Next, choose from the list below to celebrate International Women’s Day in some less than traditional ways:

And possibly the most important thing you can do to celebrate International Women’s Day is to look yourself in the mirror. 

    • List five things you love about yourself (not only physical). 
    • Identify four things you are grateful for that you created in your own life.
    • Acknowledge three things that you have overcome. 
    • Recognize two other women in your life you admire. 
    • Proclaim one promise to yourself. 

We hope that you celebrate not only the women in your life today, but yourself, mamas. Happy International Women’s Day to our Austin Moms readers, our community and our sisterhood.

Anya Bokeria
Anya is a teacher, writer and single mama to two. Iggy is in middle school. He's an empathetic hockey player who recently discovered his love of reading. Analee is a creative comedian-in-training who wears her learning difference as a badge of honor (this hasn’t always been the case). Anya has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and a Masters of Education in Physical Education from Texas State University- San Marcos. Currently, she is a writer, a Physical Education and Yoga teacher and sits on the Board of a local Youth Hockey Organization. Anya loves puns, humor and learning to slow down after a lifetime of chasing the next thing. She is excited to bring her writing to life and share on her upcoming personal blog at www.anyabokeria.com


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