Ten year challenges. We see them all the time as we scroll on our social media feed. But let’s go deeper than the surface picture comparisons of circa 2012 and now. Are you where you thought you would be? I am not! But you know what? That is OK.

The Year 2012. Ten years ago, I was married to my new husband and living in a one-bedroom apartment in north Austin. We had agreed that we would be the childless couple that had fun, traveled and were spontaneous! We were always making spur of the moment decisions to eat at the newest restaurants around town, go to late-night concerts, host BBQ cook outs, or spend time going out with friends. We always had something new and exciting on our calendar!

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I also did not take education seriously and was working so many long hours at a local chamber of commerce. Ten years ago, I was starting to notice that my lack of education was keeping a lot of doors closed for me, no matter how hard I worked, how much I networked or how hard I tried. Professionally, I felt like I was spinning my wheels but getting nowhere.

The Year 2022. Ten years later we have now been married for 11 years, own a home in the Austin suburbs, have two kids and two dogs! What in the world?? Lol. Where is the spontaneous woman that wanted to travel the world with her new husband? Who are these little children that call me mommy 500 times a day? Why am I not living in a sky rise downtown with some Executive level position? How am I a work from home mother living in the suburbs? Who is this woman that I am looking at in the mirror every morning?

It is OK. Breathe. We must be willing to let go of the plans we had, so that the life that waiting for us can be lived. I am happy. I am fulfilled. Yes, I let the dreams that I had ten years ago of living in a sky rise and being a jet-setter go, but I replaced it with a loving home, two small children, and I now have an Associates, a Bachelors, and one class away from a Masters Degree in Business! I am also an award-winning lifestyle and motherhood writer, have been on TV and magazines and I am able to help support my family from the comfort of my home.

So, it isn’t all bad. In fact, it is pretty good. We must learn that we evolve and change, and it is OK to do so. It is OK to not be the person you were ten years ago, ten months ago, or ten weeks ago. We learn, we adapt, we face challenges, and we strive to be better human beings. It is OK to not be the same, in fact it is great.

There are some people that will put you down for changing as a person, for outgrowing a situation, or for wanting to become more than what they are comfortable seeing you as. If you are currently faced with those types of people that want to inhibit you from spreading your wings, those are not your people.

You are destined to be greater than you were ten years ago. You are capable of being the best version of yourself. All you must do to get there is believe it. It is OK to not be where you thought you would be. I would even say, it is wonderful.

What does your ten year challenge look like?


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