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If you have children, then you know planning for summer can be a challenge: Choosing a variety of activities. Planning around vacations and friends. Committing to weekly sessions 6 months in advance. But with Steve & Kate’s Camp coming to Austin, your entire summer could be solved!

Steve & Kate’s Camp, which has been a San Francisco Bay Area staple since 1980, is opening in Austin this summer! Children will create their own summer camp experience by choosing from a variety of activities they love–from moviemaking to sports, coding and sewing. And parents can buy any number of days, to use whenever they’d like–no weekly sessions required. They’ll even refund any unused days automatically after summer. Ready to learn more? Us too! 

Steve & Kate's CampChoice For Kids

Steve & Kate’s Camp was founded on the belief that trusting a child helps them build their self-confidence and helps teach them to trust their own judgment. As a result, Steve & Kate’s enables kids to express themselves freely. The counselors not only advocate, but celebrate children discovering and expressing their true selves by creating an enriching environment and providing a space where children feel included and safe.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring Steve & Kate’s Camp to the Austin community this summer,” said Mike Saperstein, Vice President of Steve & Kate’s Camp. “Our summer day camps are designed to put kids in charge of their own learning experience, which ultimately prepares them to tackle the challenges of the ever changing world with creativity and confidence.”

Austin campers will design their day in real-time by choosing from a variety of activities including, sewing, stop-motion animation, music, performing arts, makers crafts, bread making, coding, sports & recreation, and more. The children will decide what they want to do and for how long. 

Steve & Kate's CampFlexibility for Parents

Steve & Kate’s Camp operates a flexible day-pass system where families can sign up for one day here, 22 there, or pay a flat fee, which covers the entire summer. Either way, families can use their passes any day this summer–without advanced notice! If your plans change, they’ll even refund your unused passes automatically at the end of the season. 

And just like everything else at Steve & Kate’s, kids will get to choose their lunch entree daily. Most of their meals come from local vendors and are prepared just moments before lunch. They throw in snacks and the occasional frozen treat to boot!

Lunch, snacks, and all hours (8am–6pm) are included. 

This summer Steve & Kate’s Camp will run from June 6 to July 29, at Parkside Community Montessori School. Registration is now open for children ages 4 to 12. 

For more information and to register for Summer 2022, visit their website: Steve & Kate’s Camp–Austin



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