March is officially Crafting Month, according to the Craft & Hobby Association, and it is a perfect month to partake in handiwork and creative endeavors! With Spring Break, you may have some extra time on your hands, and with the weather being a bit cold and possibly rainy, you may find yourself wanting to spend some time indoors, not watching Encanto (no, no, no)! If that is the case, here are some ideas for participating in Crafting Month with your kids and your Mom-friends!

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Build a fort using blankets pillows and furniture, build a marble tower, construct a LEGO set, piece together a puzzle or paper doll house, or grab your tools and build an Owl House for your backyard. My daughter is her father’s daughter and loves to engineer, design, and build.


Use a Spirograph to create amazingly symmetrical shapes and designs, invest in an OSMO and draw using a camera as a guide, select a YouTube drawing video of your favorite Pokémon character, create a landscape using sidewalk chalk, write a story using pictures like a graphic novel, go on a nature walk and sketch a plant or animal that you find. Drawing is easy and requires minimal prep or clean up!

Color and Paint

Grab your favorite coloring book or a blank canvas and add some color! I love finding wood cut-outs from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s that match whatever holiday is approaching and letting my daughter be creative with decorating it. Target dollar spot also has these cut-outs from time to time. Many of our holiday décor pieces are one-of-a-kind and painted by the sweetest little hands!

Design and Decorate

My daughter loves the crystal art packages you can get on Amazon; we’ve done several of these and they actually make great little gifts for teachers, friends, and grandparents. You can also design jewelry using beads, string, or rubber bands, or decorate your home with bejeweled Easter Eggs and unicorns using sticky gems and cardstock cut-outs. If you have a Cricut like me, let your child pick a design and put it on a T-shirt, or buy some puff paint, rhinestones and a blank shirt and let them doodle on it as they wish! Wearable art! Tie-dye is fun and fairly easy as well, albeit, a tad messy.


Decorate sugar cookies or cupcakes, bake some banana bread with your kids, or our favorite, heat up some super-easy microwave fudge; the great thing about this craft is you get to eat it!

Take a Class

Cordovan Art School offers great Mommy-and-Me classes where they show you step-by-step how to paint the most adorable pictures. There is also Board and Brush, Painting with a Twist (for adults), Upstairs Circus, CRAFT, The Wildflower Republic DIY Studio in Liberty Hill, The Ceramics Lodge in Round Rock, and many more! The great thing about taking a class is you don’t have to search for the supplies, purchase all of them, set up or clean up; it is all done for you! And you get to learn with a Master Crafter!

However you decide to participate in March Crafting Month, make it creative and hand-made!

Photo Credit :: Emily Schoolcraft Photography

Erin owns Events by Erin, a custom event planning business and co-owns Ellis Designs LLC, a custom woodworking business with her husband, John Ellis. Together, their greatest design is their wonderful daughter, Elizabeth. Erin is an Austin native and graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in English. She lives in Round Rock, enjoys running, going to the movies and the beach, and of course, writing for Austin Moms Blog!


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