Looking for a way to get more bang for your buck when it comes to the Easter basket? Who says it has to be the same ‘ole same year after year.

Check out these 25 alternatives to the traditional easter basket!

  1. Terra Cotta Planter- fill with gardening goodies, seeds, shovel, and cute gardening gloves.
  2. Rainboots- April Showers Bring May flowers and really adorable boots to fill.rainbooteasterRELATED READING :: 18 Ideas for Easter Fun at Home
  3. Sunhat Easter Basket- Turn the hat upside down and fill with outside toys such as bubbles, sunglasses, and sidewalk chalk.
  4. Beach bucket- fill with a towel, sand toys, and a swimsuit.
  5. Dump Truck- fill with shovels and rakes or mini construction trucks.

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  6. Baby Cradle- fill with a babydoll, a bottle, and baby clothes.
  7. Tote Bag- you could personalize this with their name and it is sure to be a hit.
  8. Backpack- fill with colorful school supplies; notebooks, binders, colorful pens and pencils.
  9. Sports Bag- fill with cleats, soccer socks, a soccer ball, and a new water bottle.

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  10. Pillowcase-fill with a movie, popcorn, and new pajamas.
  11. Mixing Bowl- fill with decorative cupcake liners, sprinkles, cake mix, and a festive apron for cooking up a sweet treat.
    Austin Moms Blog | Creative Easter Basket Ideas
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  12. Caboodle- fill with hairbows, rubberbands, a brush, and some nail polish.
  13. Laundry Basket- fill with new socks and underwear.
  14. Trash Can- themed trash cans that can be used in their room.
  15. Wagon- this will be great for all those summer trips to the zoo and waterpark.
  16. Storage Easter Basket- something they can use for storing puzzles, games, and random toys in their rooms.
  17. Kiddie pool- fill a plastic or inflatable one with pool toys, towels, and swimsuits.
  18. Sand Box- fill with sand and sand toys.
  19. Tool Box- buy a real one or a toy one and fill full of things to help dad on his next project.

    Austin Moms Blog | Creative Easter Basket Ideas
    Photo Credit: HGTV
  20. Toy Box- need an excuse to purchase another toy box..here it is!
  21. Football Helmet/baseball helmet- turn them upside down and fill with things from their favorite teams.
  22. Opened upside down umbrella- fill it with new rain gear.
  23. Picnic Easter basket- fill it with a picnic blanket, fun cups , and utensils for the perfect picnic in the park
  24. Dog bed- this is for the child whose pet is their baby. Fill it full of treats and toys.
  25. Bug net-  fill with a magnifying glass, a bug guide, and bug house for a fun day of bug collecting.

Share your creative alternatives to the Easter basket!



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  2. Not necessarily creative, but our Easter basket this year is a bucket with shovel attached that he can take on our summer beach vacation 🙂

  3. I filled colored oblong buckets (from automotive/cleaning aisle) with a very small amount of candy ,a microfiber towel, horse grooming supplies in a grooming bag and a couple of small toys for all 4 of my kids. It was a hit with all of them.


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