Who is Kate Knapton? I could say, I am happily married to my husband, Tony and have two perfect children- a little girl and a handsome boy. But let’s be honest- that is so cliche and honestly, while I would love to say everything is just peachy, let’s be real. Life is messy, there are ebbs and flows, many ups and downs, and numerous mundane moments.

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So, who is Kate Knapton? A transplant from Wisconsin, an infertility warrior, mama to two through embryo donation, a wife to my college sweetheart, a former teacher turned surrogacy agency in-take coordinator. And that is just scratching the surface.

But now, let me share some fun facts to really get to know who Kate is:

  1. I am 33 years old, but in my head, I’ve convinced myself I’m really only 27.
  2. I have 14 tattoos- some I love and others I could’ve really done without.
  3. I am originally from the Cheese State- Wisconsin. I grew up an hour north of Milwaukee and we moved to Austin in December 2020 for my husband’s job.
  4. I have been with my husband for 13 years and married for 7. 
  5. I found out last September that I have Celiac disease and have taken on the gluten free life, not by choice. I’m still pretty salty about it!
  6. I love margaritas, especially spicy ones! Oh, and they must have a Tajin rim.
  7. I am a total morning person, I love getting up before everyone in the house and enjoy my first sips of coffee in total peace.
  8. Speaking of coffee, I am obsessed. I prefer coffee at home and we are always on the hunt for amazing local coffee beans to grind at home. I also am obsessed with Italian Sweet Cream Creamer (chef’s kiss).
  9. Happy Hours are my favorite and always looking for the next best patio bar!
  10. Last, but certainly not least, I am incredibly passionate about infertility and love to talk and help people through their journey. My goal is to show people while the infertility club sucks, it doesn’t have to be lonely. (check out @jojiiandco on Insta!)

Now that you know a little bit about me, I can’t wait to continue to contribute to Austin Moms and share even more and be a voice for anyone who is on the tough road of infertility. 



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