So this one time at band camp….okay not really (I’ve never even been to band camp LOL)…..I’m Lisa Collins-Haynes, lover of passport stamps, long walks on beaches on exotic  islands and a self proclaimed BBQ snob. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for 26 years,  we have a 24 year-old daughter and a 2 year old grand puppy, named Cookie.I’m originally from Dallas and have lived in North Austin since 2018. I attended college at Sam Houston State University and met my husband on the first day of school….yes, literally on the first day. I have a Hospitality and Tourism, a MBA and graduated Summa Cum Laude.  

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 I’m a writer, turned photographer for the past 7 years. Before I started my photography business, I was traveling the world as an international travel writer for several magazines and online publications. Everyone thinks it’s the best job in the world, which they’re not wrong– but it’s also a lonely job, because many times I’d have to travel without my family and friends when I was on assignment. I know, I know —  first world problems! People often ask me what was my favorite place I ever traveled to and I’d have to say that I have several favorites, but the most interesting places were Easter Island off the coast of Chile and Madagascar.  

Lisa Collins-Haynes

Being a travel writer was a great portable career that I could do anywhere in the world; which was very helpful since my husband was a member of the US Air Force. We moved around every couple of years and early on in our marriage it was hard to find employment because my resume was so choppy from all the job hopping I had to do. Becoming a writer allowed me to cater to my craving of seeing the world, fed my ego of seeing my work being published and allowed me to contribute monetarily to my family.  As my husband’s career was winding down, I wanted to be home more to enjoy our empty nesting stage of life. I ended up winning a scholarship from a local college to enter into a 2 year photography program and this really how my photography business was born.  

 I don’t travel as much as I used to, because my photography business is so demanding. I specialize in motherhood sessions and underwater portrait photography . The funny part about that is I had a severe swimming phobia from childhood and couldn’t swim until I was almost 40 years old. A few years ago I signed up for group swimming lessons and cried the first day of class in front of my husband and daughter. I was so afraid that the instructor turned her class over to another instructor and came over to me and said, “God told me to help you.” She gave me private lessons each week until I was no longer afraid and finally learned the basics of swimming across the pool. Fast-forward 2 years later and I flew to Prague to be mentored by an underwater photographer that I admired. She taught me the best of UW photography and with all the challenges I conquered I feel like I was destined to become an underwater portrait photographer.

 I feel like I’ve lived 10 lifetimes and I can’t wait to share more of my experiences with you, as we all go through the parent trap…..I mean parenthood together. Even though my daughter is a young adult now, I know she needs me more than ever for guidance and advice. I’m still learning and teaching all at the same time.

Lisa Collins-Haynes

 To wrap up this all about me blurb, I wanted to share 6 fun facts about me:

1. My favorite number is 4, because my birthday is September 4th and I share it with none other than Queen Bey herself, Beyonce.  
2. My favorite color is fuchsia, mainly because it’s a great color on my skin tone and every time I wear that color, I turn heads!
3. I always say I lead an ordinary life, but extraordinary things randomly (and sometimes not so random), happen to me throughout the course of a day.  I want to say, I was picked to be on a reality tv show once; but the truth is…it happened to me twice.  I never pictured myself as the reality tv type, but there I was – a whole reality tv star basking in my 15 minutes of fame….twice!  
4. I hate tomatoes!!!  I mean l loathe them with everything in my entire inner core.  But I love spicy ketchup from Whataburger.  
5. I’m an only child, with 7 other sisters and a brother.  My mom just had me.  And as the Temptations sang it, “Papa was a rolling stone. Wherever he laid his hat was his home.” And I love all my bonus siblings. 
6. My two favorite poems of all times are Langston Hughes’, Mother to Son and Marianne Williamson’, Our Deepest Fear.
I hope this gives you a peek into who I am and I can’t wait to share, teach and learn more about you too! 
Lisa Collins-Haynes is full-time photographer, for the past 7 years. She specializes in client work for motherhood sessions and underwater portraits. She also does commercial work in food and product photography. Lisa holds a BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management and a Masters in Business Administration. Before becoming a photographer, Lisa was an International Travel Writer and enjoyed traversing the globe and story-telling to her readership. Writing was an unexpected pathway into the diverse world of photography for her. When not working behind the lens, Lisa enjoys volunteering in the community, cooking, traveling with her husband and spending time with family and friends. She resides in North Austin; has one college-aged daughter and a grand puppy named, Cookie.


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