It is National Gardening Month! This month take the time to get your hands dirty with your kiddos and watch your children and garden grow. Beyond the hustle and bustle of life, starting a family garden can be what your family needs this Spring. 

Gardens are about so much more than food. It is about the connection you will make with your family and nature. 

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If you do not have a green thumb, start your research now! 

Let’s get ready to create magic and grow! 

National Gardening Month!

By growing their food, children are more likely to eat the food in their garden. They will enjoy picking the fruit and vegetables. Yes, even eating them. Plan meals around what you grow and watch their little taste buds blossom! 

Growing a love of nature allows for more time outside to soak in Vitamin D. We have made it a goal to spend more time outside this year and have done just that. Moms, we also need to feel the sun on our skin.  

*Note: Be sure to protect your family’s skin with sun hats and/or sunscreen.

When researching how to start your garden, it helps to check with your local farmer and nursery. They may offer classes about how to grow a garden and care for and maintain your garden. Start simple and learn what grows best in your region. Once you have learned, make it a family affair. Visit your local nursery, and spend time selecting the fruits, vegetables, and plants you want to garden together. 

Shop for kid-sized versions of tools. Choose tools similar to what you will use. This is great for working together. For older children, allow them to use large-size tools. You will find that your kiddos will enjoy gardening a lot! 

Starting a garden is a perfect way to develop the use of your senses. Developing new skills by planting enforces the use of our senses. We began by using gloves. For my touch-sensitive daughter, she preferred to protect her hands. Once she noticed I removed my gloves, she insisted on removing hers. The beauty in touching soil…from that moment on, she did not want to use gloves. She wanted to feel the connection to her skin. This was a win for this momma! 

Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips from my daughter:

  • Be sure to give your plants love. They are living so talk to them, be nice to them.
  • Always research how much sunlight and water your plants need. You do not want to give them too much or not enough. 
  • Try everything that you grow. You may find that you like new foods. 
  • If planting herbs, smell them. They smell lovely. 
  • If they are wilting they may not be healthy and may not grow. 
  • Gardening is supposed to be fun. If it does not work the first time, keep trying!



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